Yong Dae

Born 25-Feb-1896 and died 1969
Son of Jong Hyon (deceased) and A Ok KIM (deceased

Married 2-Jan-1923 Sun Dok Withheld
Born 26-Mar-1904 and died 11-Oct 1959
Daughter of Yong Yol CHANG (deceased) and KIM (deceased)

Yong Dae, the son of a farmer of the Yang Ban class, began his schooling in the traditional form with the book of the first thousand Chinese characters. After completing traditional schooling, he decided to attend the new Western style of high school in PyongYang. Later, he successfully gained admittance to the teacher's academy. Only the most brilliant Koreans were admitted to higher education as most positions were reserved for the Japanese who had conquered Korea.

After taking a teaching position, Yong Dae paid for his younger brother, Yong Chun, to attend high school and later, medical school. Over the years, Yong Dae and Soo Duk sponsored many family members and even non related promising students whose families could not afford paying school expenses.

Son Duk whose family had spent extensive time in Shanghai, China, was sponsored by Young Dae who was smitten with her. He paid for her schooling including Teacher's academy. She was one of only three Koreans in her class.

After graduation from Teacher's Academy, Son Duk began teaching in a girl's school. She also contributed to sponsoring her brother-in-law's medical school expenses.

Yong Dae and Son Duk's children are:
1. Song Yup (1-Oct-1924 to present),

2. Song Ja ( to present),

3. Ju Pil (8-Jul-1929 to 2011),

4. Ju Hwang (10-Dec-1932 to deceased),

5. Ju Baik (2-Jun-1936 to 1973),

6. Song Ok (23-May-1939 to present), and

7. Ju Suh (4-Mar-1942 to present) and

8. Song Ae (4-Mar-1942 to 1943).

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