William Ira Winesett

Willie wearing Robert's hat with Mama (Dec-1963).
Born 5-Jan-1957
Son of Robert Alexander Winesett and Elsie Ruth Withheld

Married 1974 & Divorced 24-Jun-1977 Linda Withheld
Born 6-Apr-1957 to present

Married 11-Jul-1978 Cynthia Darlene Withheld

Born 14-Jun-1958
Died 13-Jan-2008 in Punta Gorda, FL

Married 2007 Connie withheld

Willie was born in Okeechobee, FL. He has worked for Florida Power & Light Company most of his life. He is interested in sports and coached T-Ball, football and other children sports programs. He is a student of the marital arts and holds a 3rd degree black belt. Willie once had his own dojo where he taught.

Willie and Linda married when very young and separated amicably. They have a daughter Angeles Esparza (29-Jul-1975).

Cyndie worked for the telephone company. She and Willie like to spend time with their friends. They loved to have cook outs. Cindy died at a young age from breast cancer. Throughout the progress of her cancer, she maintained a positive attitude and never allowed her condition to interfer with her relations with others. She never express sorrow for herself. In accordance with her written wished, the funeral was followed by a cook out with hundreds of family and friends attending.

Willie and Cynthia's children are:
1. Levi Tilghman (8-Sep-1980),
2. Travis Steele (13-Aug-1983)

Travis, Stephanie (withheld)and daughter, Sailor Mae (b:8/31/09); and

3. Heather Clay (11-Jun-1987).

Connie, the mother of two children, joined forces with Willie and his children. They live south of Punta Gorda and enjoy cook outs with family and friends.

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