Steven Parrish Winesett

Born 11-Mar-1963
Son of Richard Warner Winesett and Sherra Hildagard Withheld

Married 2-Jul-1988 in Fort Myers, Florida
Michelle Elaine Withheld)
Born 26-Dec-1963
Daughter of ? and ?

Parrish was a extraordinary child. He was dutiful, obedient and a scholar. He graduated at the top of his high school class. He cleaned his parents offices in the evenings and helped his father with the honey bees. At the University of Florida, he continued the same tradition.

Parrish was accepted by the University of Florida Medical College, but went to the University of South Florida Medical College with his sweetheart, Michelle. After graduation and marriage, both Parrish and Michelle went to Nashville, TN, for post-graduate work in pediatrics.

Following training, Parrish was an administrator with the Veterans' hospital in Tampa, Florida and an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida. He is now in sole practice in pediatrics.

Michelle is the pride of her family. Beautiful, she has a great personality and is very friendly. She is dedicated to her profession and to her children. She is in private practice as pediatrician in St. Petersburg, FL. Michelle's grandmother resides with them and has been an inspiration to the grandchildren.

Parrish and Michelle's children are:
1. Emily Sue (15-Aug-1994) and
2. Steven Jr. (11-Jun-1996).

Emily has establish a record as an outstanding pitcher in softball. She frequently makes the sports news in Tampa/St. Petersberg.

Steve plays baseball and other sports. Parrish enjoys squiring both his children to their games.

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