Song Yup

Born 1-Oct-1924
Daughter of Yong Dae and Soon Duk Withheld

Married 15-Apr-1943 to Joung Ryul Withheld
Born 8-Oct-1923
Son of Unknown and Unknown

Song Yup's Christian name is Monica and her husband's is Augustine.

Augustine was a teacher at his father in law's school in North Korea. When the family was forced to flee South, he was sick and could not travel. It was almost 10 years before he could escape and proceed South by ship.

Augustine was employed by Catholic Relief Services for years. He later joined the World Council of Credit Unions. he traveled throughout Europe and Asia helping local people to establish and operate their own credit unions. The family later emmigrated to the United States except for the two oldest children, June Gil and In Sook. He now retired.

Monica is extensively involved in the Catholic Church. She teaches bible classes.

Augustine and Monica's childeren are:
1. Jung Gil. June Gil is a physicist. His wife and sons live in New Jersey. June still teaches at a college in Korea. He retires in a few years.
2. In Sook (28-Jul-1954). Married 12-Sep-1983 to Myung Kee (2-Mar-1948. Their daughters are Nam Hee (27-Nov-1983) and Nam Eun (31-Jan-1985). In Sook is a registered nurse.
3. Unknown - drowned age 10
4. In Ja. In Ja was a brilliant high school student. The stress and shame of being sent to a country college rather than a major university in Seoul contributed to a mental breakdown. She lives semi-independently supervised by family services in Madison, WS.
5. Hu Gil called Frank. Frank and his wife, Christina, and sons, Vinnie and Jimmy, live in Madison, WS.
6. In Hye. In Hye called Juliet is an engineer. She lives with her husband, Gary, and their two children, Jarod and Charlotte, in New York.
7. Yoon called Daniel. Daniel and his wife, Hyun Seon called Rosa, and thier two sons live Ohio.

Information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

Song Yup playing at the Mandalay casino in Las Vegas, NV

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