Samuel Floyd Winesett

Born 19-Dec-1875 Carroll County
Died 10-Dec-1959
Son of Joseph M. Winesett and Elizabeth Mabe

Married 25-Feb-1897 to Permelia E. Edwards
Born 26-Feb-1877 Carroll County
Died 21-Jan-1951
Daughter of Jefferson Edwards and Rebecca Bryant

Sam lived most of his life in the Poors Branch - McGee section of Carroll County. He is believed to have worked for the railroad. He lived with only a single kidney from about 1923. He was a member of the Church of God.

Permilia was a diabetic.

Little else is known about Samuel and Permelia at this time. Any additional information would be appreciated.

Samuel and Permelia's known children are:
1. Floyd Vachel (10-May-1898 to 3-May-1976),
2. Rebecca Elizabeth (19-Feb-1900 to 10-Dec-1951 [Bundt Cemetery]) who married Pink Mitchell (deceased) and was childless,
3. Emma Mae (27-Mar-1902 to 21-Sep-1974) who married Thomas Allen Grimes (21-Jun-1894 to 22-Sep-1974),
4. Jason Joseph Jefferson (24-Aug-1903 to 17-Feb-1989),
5. Charles Wilson (18-Apr-1905 to 15-May-1982),
6. Ruthie A. (25-Jan-1907) who had a sore on her leg and may have died of infection,
7. Magaline "Lena" Martha (10-Oct-1908 to Jul-1984) who married Roby Withheld (deceased),
8. T. Clark (28-Sep-1910 to 4-Mar-1918),
9. Edward "Edd" Martin Foster (7-Sep-1912 to 3-Mar-1984),
10. Mary Hazel (6-Jun-1914 to 9-Jul-1980) who married Samuel Withheld (deceased),
11. Annie Belle (27-Dec-1915 to 12-Mar-1984) who married Harbert Thomas Withheld (deceased),
12. Walter Steven M. (31-Mar-1917 to 21-Apr-1994),
13. Fannie Lougaye (26-Jul-1920 to 5-apr-1946) who married Gleaves Clayton Withheld (deceased), and
14. Bonnie Grimes (2-Apr-1923).

1929 Photograph. Older couple in center front are Rebecca Bryant Edwards and Jefferson Edwards, parents of Permelia, standing child to right is Bonnie G.Winesett, and then to his right, Samuel F. Winesett and Permilia Edwards Winesett. The balance are mostly Sam & Permelia's children, their spouses and grandchildren.

L-R: Hazel, Mae, Steve, Edd and Annie

Any information on these children, their respective spouses and children would be appreciated.

Sam and Permelia are both buried in Bunts Cemetery off route 796 in Carroll County, VA. The Rev. Wayne Briggs and Rev. G.H. Booth presided at Sam's funeral. Lina, Rhoda and Brawley were present.

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