Lem told this story: When Bob [b. 1919] was the baby of the family and we were living in the house that later burned in Whiteville, North Carolina, I bought a goat from a colored boy for a quarter. I had a little wagon. I decided to give Bob his first ride in a wagon. The goat wasn't harness broke but I hitched him up to the wagon.

Bob kept falling out of the wagon so I finally tied him in securely. The goat ran away, turning over the cart and dragging Bob all over the place.

When Father came home and saw Bob all bruised and bloody, I got the worst whipping of my life. I remember a few years later when Bob built a camp back of the honey barn with a sign reading "Rough Rider's Camp". At that age he was thinking more about riding horses than goats. But I guarantee he knew all about rough riding from his younger experience.

By Lem Winesett

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