Rickey Winesett

Born 5-Oct-1948
Son of Burton A. Winesett and Marjorie Elaine (Withheld)

Married Withheld
Born and died
Daughter of Withheld and Withheld

1969 Graduate of Herschell V Jenkins high school in Savannah, GA.

He entered the Air National Guard when it wasn’t very popular to wear the uniform, especially at the height of the Vietnam War, but after more than 40 years of service Master Sergeant Rickey “Hootie” Winesett is retiring. A mechanic’s mechanic is how Winesett is best known. His experience and expertise with all type of engines and mechanical frames made him indispensible to the Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) and the 117th Air Control Squadron (ACS). He’s given a lifetime of service to the Georgia Air National Guard, the State of Georgia and the nation. Winesett began his prolonged military career in 1970 at the age of 19. Knowing the local Air Guard recruiter, he enlisted and was sent to basic training. As a fully trained aircraft engine and instrumentation mechanic he was sent to Travis Air Force Base in California to work on C-130s and C-124s that had seen service in the war. His job was to restore their airworthiness so they could return to the conflict. For the past 41 years he has repaired just about any vehicle and engine belonging to the CRTC and 117th ACS. His most recent deployments in support of the war on terror include Qatar, Kuwait and Norway.

Rickey's childeren are:

1. Jennifer Elaine( to ), and

2. Keith ( to )

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