Richard Cotton Winesette

Born 23-May-1928 in Whiteville, Columbus County, NC
Died 8-Dec-1968 in Whiteville, NC
Son of Eli Winesett Jr. and Leona Cotton

Married June Miriam Withheld
Born unknown date and Died 24-Feb-1992

Richard was listed as a book buyer at the time of Greg's birth.

Richard was a helicopter pilot for the Army. He was the company commander of the 191st Assault Helicopter Company while it formed at Fort Bragg, NC and for its deployment to Viet Nam (1-Dec-1966 to 23-May-1967). It is believed that Richerd later served in Korea. He was medically retired within a year of leaving Viet Nam. He returned home to Whiteville, NC, where he died of cancer. Some believe that the cancer may have been triggered by exposure to agent orange, a defoliant used in Viet Nam, although Richard's former First Sergeant said that the unit never disbursed agent orange and it wasn't used in their area of operation. It is now recognized that exposure to agent orange, even for a short period, increases the chance that one may develop certain cancers, diabetes, nerve damage, and other adverse conditions. For certain conditions, the Vetrans Administration grant a percentage of disability rating for those who served anywhere in Viet Nam, even for a few days.

Nothing is known about Miriam except that she was living in Lumberton, NC, at the time of her death.

Richard and Miriam's children are:
1. Richard Gregory (23-Apr-1950 to 20-May-2009), a real estate agent and aircraft broker in Myrtle Beach, SC,
2. John Michael (20-Sep-1952), a litigation attorney in Fayetteville, NC, and
3. Lisa K. (29-Aug-1956)who is married.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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