Raymond L. Winesett

Born 14-Jun-1913
Died 19-Mar-1994 in Inyo County, Texas
Social Security: 548-01-2847 (California)
Son of Jordan Lemuel Winesett and Sebal Mae Bowers

Married 7-Dec-1935? Lina Margarete Unknown
Born 25-May-1916 and Died 19-Dec-1997
Social Security:

Ray graduated in June, 1932, from Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, CA.

Nothing else is known about Raymond and Lina at the present time other than they celebrated thier 50th wedding (Inyo Register dated Wednesday, 7-Dec-1985). Does his initial stand for "Lemuel"? Buried in Big Pine, CA.

Raymond and Lina's only known children are
1. Raymond L. Jr. and
2. Claudette Lee.

Ray Jr. received a U.S. patent for a fishing lure in 1993. Claudette is married but nothing is currently known about her and her spouse.

Any additional information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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