Robert Alexander Winesett

31-Mar-1944 to 8-Sep-1945

(1) Courting about 1940, (2)1950 Winesett Grocery, & (3) Virginia about 1972

Born 22-Apr-1919 in Hermiston, OR
Died 22-May-1975 in South Carolina while traveling
Social Security: 116-03-0720 (New York)
Son of Eli Winesett and Della May Steele

Married 1936 and Divorced ? Agnes Miller
Born about 1915 and unknown whether alive or dead
Daughter of Miller and

Married 24-Feb-1940 Elsie Ruth "Dick" Withheld
Born 18-Nov-1919 in Plymouth, Washington County, NC
Died 22-Oct-1988 in Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, FL
Social Security: 246-03-0700 (North Carolina)
Daughter of Richard Goodman Withheld and
Elsie Warner Gaylord

Bob was born in Hermiston, Oregon. He was named for both his Uncle Bob (Isaac Robert) and his Uncle Alex (Alexander Lemuel). Bob served in the Merchant Marines during World War II. After the war his occupations included driving a taxi in Norfolk, VA; a butcher for Guy Pugh in Norfolk, VA; peddling fruit in NC; owner and operater of a grocery & butcher shop and a restaurant in Plymouth, NC. He also owned for a short time a fish market in Tarboro, NC. In 1955, he moved his family to Florida where he worked for a beekeeper near Fort Pierce. He later moved to Moore Haven to work for another beekeeper, Bean City to sell insurance, Okeechobee to work in a meat packing plant, Indiantown to run a grocery and dry goods store and finally to Punta Gorda where Bob worked in construction and as a laborer until his death. Bob kept bees at all times as a family enterprise. The family took care of the bees, extracting the honey, packing honey and comb in glass jars, labeling it and selling it wholesale to stores and roadside fruit stands.

Elsie, called "Dick" as were both her father and her brother, was born in Plymouth, NC. Dick loved music and was the family's anchor. No matter how tough the times, Dick always managed to feed her large family and to find enough for unexpected guests who were never turned away. She worked most of the time she was married to Bob. In the store, packing honey, waitress, and for many years until Bob's death as a caretaker in an institution for the mentally disabled.

Bob and Anges's only child was Robert Miller Winesett who was raised by his grandmother, Gracie Miller. Bobby died in an automobile accident in Aug-1971 leaving a widow and two children.

Bob and Dick's children are:
1. Robert Alexander Jr., (1941),
2. Richard Warner (1943),
3. John Stamey (1946),
4. Celia Catherine (1947),
5. Lemuel Eli (1950),
6. James Neil (1954), and
7. William Ira (1957).

1954 in Fort Pierce and 1956 in Okeechobee - Daddy with Bucky & Willie

Celia is "Aunt Celia" to all the Winesetts and to many others of no actual blood relationship. Over the years Aunt Celia has been special to her nephews and nieces and now to the grandnephews and grandnieces. A special treat is to spend the night with Aunt Celia. Another treat is "Aunt Celia's night" when those who are in the area can have supper at Aunt Celia's home and read a book or play educational programs on her computer, or have supper at their favorite fast food outlet followed by a visit to the library, a bookstore, pet store or other favored place.

All the Winesett parents appreciate an evening without the children once in a while so Aunt Celia night is also special to them. While not married, Aunt Celia is a mother to us all and we love her.

Robert, Rick, Bucky, Willie, John, & Eli. Celia holding Simon.

Bob's Rough Ride


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