Pauline Winesett

Born 25-Mar-1919
Daughter of Louis Eli Winesett and Grace Elizabeth Withheld

Married 12-Aug-1939 Emmitt James Davis
Born 21-Oct-1918 and died 3-Mar-1993
Son of John Emmett Davis and Vera Virginia Witheld

Grace was born in Grayson County, VA.

Jim attended Virginia Tech. where he played on the baseball team. Jim was a builder. He and his brothers owned J.E. DAVIS & SONS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, and built many schools, hospitals, town halls, factories, college building, etc., in Southwest Virginia. Jim hobbies included bee keeping, farming, blacksmithing. He was religious and taught Sunday School at Mount Vale United Methodist Church for many years until his illness make it impossible. He suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. He is interred at the Mount Vale Church Cemetery.

Jim and Grace's children are: 2. Betty Geraldine (23-Aug-1942 to present). Betty is a real estate agent in Montclair, Virginia.

3. Grace Louise (25-May-1945 to present) married to Julio Withheld. They have two children: Keith Alexander (13-Dec-1978) and Amanda Grace (15-Jul-1985). Grace is an English as a second language coordinator at Emory University. Julio is an architect at the University of Georgia, where Keith is a student.

4. Martha Jane (28-Mar-1947 to present) married to Homer Luther Withheld. They have a daughter, Kim Noelle (18-Mar-1985). Kim is a Korean adoptee. She should take the opportunity to meet her Korean- American cousins: Alex, Sonia and Ron.

5. Mary Beth (26-Sep-1957) married to John Withheld. Mary works as a school psychologist in the county school system in Melborne, Florida.

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