Oscar Blaine Winesett

Born 20-Dec-1890 and died 7-Nov-1967
Social Security: 227-42-4289 (Virginia)
Son of Jefferson Davis "J.D." Winesett and
Mary Jane Bond

Married Mar-1913 Bessie Valera Withheld
Born 5-Dec-1891 and Died 24-Nov-1967 in Hillsville, Carroll County, VA
Social Security: 230-10-4467 (Virginia)
Daughter of James Withheld and Clemintine Philippi

Our Courting Days ----------------- Oscar & Bessie at home

Oscar farmed and operated the store in the Coulson Community started by his father. He handled the sale of his fathers personal property after J.D.'s death and also that of his grandfather, Johnson Winesett. Oscar and Bessie often prepared the bodies of their deceased neighbors for burial and attended the funerals. It is reported that Bessie was the main worker and force behind the family. Oscar died of an abcess. Any additional information about this family would be appreciated.

Oscar and Bessie's children are:
1. Obediah (5-Jan-1914 to 29-Mar-2004) a secretary who married W. Kermit Littreal, (Obeda I. for 1930 US Census)
2. Margie Gertrude (15-Dec-1915) a textile worker who married (1) Ivy 11-Nov-1933 Ivy Sidney Worrell and (2) Ray M. Lundy,
3. Mabel (30-Jul-1917 to 18-Jan-1996) who married Bayne Harmon, their daughter, Virginia Lee, married John Nobili; Virginia and John owned and operated Carrollwood campground; Virginia and John have a daughter, angela Bessie, (Mabel C. for 1930 US Census),
4. Helen (31-Aug-1919 to 29-Jun-2007) a store operator and textile worker who married William Glenn Neuman (2-Oct-1917 to May-1977),(Helen E. for 1930 US Census),
5. John Larson (24-Nov-1921 to 26-Sep-1958),
6. Mary Lee Clementine (9-Nov-1923) a teacher's aide who married Rueben Combs, and
7. Virginia June (11-Jun-1930) who married Everett Summer.

Oscar and Bessie are both buried in Coulson Church of the Brethren cemetery in Carroll County, VA.

Obediah's 1989 Birthday - Obediah is sitting
Standing from left: June, Helen, Mabel, Margie and Mary Lee

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