Nathan Stamey Winesett

Born 18-Jan-1973 in Florida
Son of Richard Warner Winesett and Sherra Hildagard Withheld

Married 23-May-1998 Heather Withheld in Nebraska
Born Jul-5-1971
Daughter by adoption of Gale Phinney and Sharon unknown

Nate purports to be a beeman and keeps a hive or two for pleasure and a little honey. Nate, a UF alumnus, and Heather completed their MA and MS, respectivly in chemistry at the University of Arizona. Nate graduated 5-May-2001 from the University of Nebraska School of Law. Admitted to the bar in Florida, Nebraska and Utah, Nate is specializing in intelectual property.

Heather graduated 11-May-2002 from the University with a MD degree. She is performing her residency in pathology in Salt Lake City UT. Heather is a captain in the Army National Guard and a ranked volley ball player.

Heather's parents live in Fremont, NE. Her father works for the power company.

Nate and Heather were married in Fremont, NE. Their childen are Noah Lemuel (3-Sep-2001)and Samuel Eli(21-Feb-2004).

Heather and Noah, with Sam (Feb-2004)

Heather and Noah, with Sam (Feb-2004)

Sam - 2005

Hockey Season - 2007

Cool Cheeks in 2007)

They also have two dogs and a cat.

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