Nathan Easterly Winesett

Born 1-May-1859 and died 11-May-1948
Son of Noah Winesett and Rachael Darthulia Jayne

Married 7-Jan-1886 Susan BeEtta Brown
Born 19-Aug-1866 and Died 10-Feb-1919

Married ? Ollie Eva Gordon
Born 18-Jul-1876 and died 2-Dec-1951
Daughter of Gordon and

No details are known about Nathan at this time. Both he and Susan are buried in Red Oak Church Cemetery in Ceres, Bland County, VA. A partial 1880 census lists him as Nathaniel E. He was in the household of Harvey and his wife, Cogan V.

Little is known about Susan other than Nathan's sister, Mary Jayne, married Susan's brother, Jesse W. Susan has a reputation as a great seamtress and quit maker. She supposedly made a quilt with the initials of her ancestors around the edge. Where is it? Help anyone?

Susan and Nathan's children are:
1. Minnie Grey (6-Jul-1887 [Bland County page 97] to 29-Mar-1980), Social Security: 225-70-3513 (Virginia),
2. Henry Cleveland (24-Nov-1888 to 1-Jul-1992),
3. Jessie Clarence (21-May-1890 [Bland County page 108] to 24-Nov-1964) and
4. Ada Florence (24-Apr-1893 [Bland County, Page 124 - Ida on Birth Record] to about 1919) who married Claude McCellan brother to Jesse's wife, Cleo.

There is an unnamed infant son (18-Feb-1899) and an unnamed infant daughter (12-Oct-1902) of Jessee and Susan buried in Red Oak Cemetery.

Minnie Grey had polio and never married. She is also buried in Red Oak Cemetery.

Ollie was a widow. Her married name was Gruff. Her husband had been run over by a train. She had three boys and a girl from her previous marriage.

Ollie and Nathan's sole child is Robert Nathan who was born (19-Jun-1921).

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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