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Kalynne L. Winesett (22-Sep-1987)

Kameron Winesett (21-Nov-1998)

Karen D. Winesett

Kate Winesett (21-Aug-1915 to 28-Feb-1996)

Spouse was Dr. William A. Greene

Katherine Leigh Winesett (3-Oct-1956)

Katherine Marie Winesett (17-Sep-1996)

Kathy Jean Winesett (9-Nov-1957)

Married Ralph Phillip Withheld

Kay Winesett (after 1941)

Kayla Nichole Winesett (17-Mar-1989)

Kelsey Marie Winesett (30-Oct-1993)

Kem Alexander Winesett (13-Dec-1913)

Spouse is Martha Withheld

Kenley Ray Winesett (21-Nov-1998)

Keith Winesett

Keith Winesett (11-Nov-2012)

Kermit Dean Winesett (19-Oct-1947)

Married Glenna Withheld

Kimberly Ann Winesett (9-May-1982)

Kristen Winesett (after 1970)

Krystal Winesett

Larous D. "Tom" Winesett (9-Feb-1941 to 26-Oct-1986)

Larry B. Winesett (18-Sep-1948)

Married Martha Withheld

Laura E. Winesett (1-Jul-1877 to 15-Aug-1895)

Laura Lillian Winesett (24-Apr-1932)

Married 14-Jan-1950 Joshua Kemper "J.K." Withheld

Lawrence S. Winesett (Feb-1880 to 15-Nov-1950)

Spouse was Louise B. Frost

Leah Carol Winesett (28-Dec-1964)

Married 2-Mar-1991 Daniel Edward Withheld (27-Mar-1958)

Lemuel Winesett (about 1818 15-Dec-1881)

Married 17-Oct-1850 Amelia Leonard (1830-1919)

Lemuel Winesett (9-Sep-1848 to 3-Jun-1928)

Married 1-Sep-1870 Frances Loretta Stamey (1854-1911)

Lemuel Winesett (19-Feb-1913 to 25-Oct-1997)

Married 1-Apr-1934 Evelyn Withheld

Lemuel Winesett (6-Mar-1939 Birth and Death)

Lemuel Winesett (1960+)

Lemuel Eli Winesett (28-Jan-1950)

Married 1969 and divorced 1971 Linda Withheld
Married 7-Apr-1994 Rose Withheld (4-Jan-1943)

Lemuel Garrett Winesett (18-Aug-1907 to 5-Nov-1957)

Married 14-Jan-1927 Alberta Chloe Withheld)

Lena (Magaline) Winesett (10-Oct-1908)

Married Roby Withheld

Leo Singletary "Pedro" Winesett (24-Dec-1936)

Patsy Eugenia Withheld

Leon "Butch" Winesett (23-Sep-1945)

Leroy Mike Winesett (24-Jan-1931)

Married Nancy Withheld

Letha (Leathy) Winesett (9-Apr-1871 to 6-Dec-1951)

Married 29-Jan-1892 Joseph Riley Honeycutt

Lettie Addie Winesett (25-Oct-1887)

23-Nov-1912 Luther Jennings (1887)

Levella Winesett (after 1924)

Spouse is Calvin Withheld

Levi Tilghman Winesett (8-Sep-1980)

Lillian Winesett (cir 1920 to 4-Apr-1936)

Lillian A. Winesett (29-Mar-1885 to 14-Jun-1888)

Lillie May Winesett (31-Oct-1898 to ?)

Married 2-Sep-1918 Walter Withheld

Linda Winesett (after 1950)

Linda Winesett (after 1936)

Married Ralph Withheld

Linda Ann Winesett (27-Sep-1954)

Linda Ann Winesett (after 1970)

Linda Denice Winesett (8-Sep-1956)

Married and Divorced David Withheld
Married and Divorced Withheld

Linda Leigh Winesett (13-May-1931 to May-1949)

Linda Sue Winesett (13-Jan-1946)

Married David Patrick Withheld

Linda Sue Winesett

Linnie Winesett (about 1889)

Lina Ann Winesett (1972)

Married Michael Darrell Withheld

Lisa Ann Winesett (11-Jul-1981)

Lisa K. Winesette (29-Aug-1956)


Lisa Lynn Winesett (28-Jan-1964)

Lois Winesett (25-Oct-1910 to 11-Jun-1998)

Lola Leslie Winesett (after 1931)

Spouse is Gerald Withheld

Loree Winesett (18-Mar-1903 tp 15-May-1904)

Loree Winesett (17-Mar-1930)

Married 1951 Russel Edwin Withheld

Loretta Winesett (7-Jan-1938)

Spouse is Joseph Withheld

Lori Winesett (8-Oct-1984)

Lori Anne Winesett (26-May-1969)

Lorri Winesett (19-Oct-1967)

Spouse is Andrew Kevin Withheld

Lottie Bell Winesett (13-Nov-1893 to 23-Mar-1982)

Married 13-May-1917 William Albert Withheld (cir 1890 to 15-Dec-1966)

Louis Eli Winesett (23-May-1894 to Nov-1977)

Married 15-Apr-1917 Grace Elizabeth Withheld (17-Feb-1897 to 27-Sep-1989)

Louis Eli Winesett Jr. (23-Aug-1921 to before 1946)

Spouse was DeEtta Moser

Lucian B. "Lute" Winesett (22-Jul-1862 to 12-Aug-1941)

Lucy Marie Winesett (4-Jun-1993)

Luda Ellen Winesett(19-Dec-1886 to 19-Sep-1965)

Spouse was Joseph Peter Withheld (25-Jun-1884 to 14-Apr-1962)

Lydia Ann Winesett (about 1840 to after 1890)

Married 1858 Ezra Allison (after 1818 to before 1890)

Mabel Winesett (30-Jun-1917 to 18-Jun-1996)

Spouse is J. Bayne Withheld

Madison Eva Mae Winesett (2-Jul-2001)

Mae Winesettt (1908-199?)

Spouse was Edward Withheld

Magaline "Lena" Martha Winesett (10-Oct-1908 to 26-Jul-1984)

Married 15-Jun-1929 Roby Burton Withheld

Maggie M. Winesett (28-Jul-1882 to 19-Apr-1955)

Married 24-Jan-1901 Michael Stoots

Marcia Lynne Winesett (18-Oct-1955)

Spouse is Robert Withheld

Margaret Winesett (about 1802-Unknown)

Spouse was Charles Farmer (1776-1876)

Margaret Winesett (27-Feb-1842)

Margaret Lee Winesett (31-Dec-1918 Still born)

Margaret Lee Winesett (cir 1929)

Spouse is Richard Withheld

Margaret Lucille Winesett (24-Apr-1922 to 6-Apr-1979)

Spouse is Albert K. Withheld (7-Apr-1916 to 18-Feb-1990)

Margaret Mae Winesett (12-Apr-1920 to 17-Jun-1998)

Spouse was an Unknown Leonard

Margie Gertrude Winesett (15-Dec-1915)

Marie Winesett (after 1920)

Mark Winesett (after 1960)

Mark Garrett Winesett (30-Mar-1965 to 17-Jun-1990)

Married 1-Jun-1985 Donna Renay "Donna K." Withheld

Mark Garrett Winesett Jr. (6-Aug-1987 to 18-Jun-1990)

Martha Winesett (1802 to 2-Jul-1870)

Spouse was Richard Farmer (1805 to 4-Sep-1875)

Martha L. Winesett (about 1852-1872)

29-Mar-1972 William F. Hall

Marvin Alan Winesett (10-Aug-1958)

Married Anna Kathyrn Withheld

Marvin Alexander Winesett (2-Mar-1933)

Married Betty Gelean Withheld

Mary "Polly" Ann Winesett (27-Dec-1837 to 4-Dec-1885)

Married 3-Mar-1854 Tazewell Hagy (about 1836-Unknown)

Mary Angelia Winesett (24-Jan-1958)

Mary Hazel Winesett (6-Jun-1914 to 9-Jul-1980)

Married 30-Jan-1936 Samuel Davis Withheld

Mary Jayne Winesett (8-Aug-1856 to Unknown)

Mary Jayne Winesett (1-Dec-1864 to Unknown)

Married 23-Nov-1882 Jesse W. Brown

Mary L. Winesett (26-Jun-1853 to 23-May-1916)

Marylee Clementine Winesett (9-Nov-1923)

Married 9-Jun-1946 Rueben Elwood Withheld

Mary Ruth Winesett (after 1920)

Married Rosario Withheld

Matilda Winesett (about 1833 to unknown)

Married Thaddeus Dunkin Worrel (2-Jan-1929 to after Sep-1902)

Matthew Franklin Winesett (26-Jul-1982)

Matthew Hamilton Winesett (6-Sep-1994)

Mattie Winesett (16-Nov-1891 to Oct-1971)

Spouse was John W. Fraizer

Mattie Lee Winesett (4-Mar-1929)

Spouse is Bill Withheld

Mattie Mae Winesett (21-Sep-1911 to 14-Dec-1997)

Mattie Sue Winesett (after 1930)

Married unknown date an Unknown Coleman

Maude Winesett (10-Apr-1890 to Apr-1974)

Spouse was Carl Lowe

Mavis Adelene Winesett (1929)

Married 30-Sep-1950 Gilmer Bane Withheld

Maxine Winesett (193? to 7-Nov-1995)

Married Ralph Withheld

May Winesett (after 1900)

Spouse believed to be Tom Hill of Sheeptown

Megen Ashley Winesett (28-May-1984)

Meghan Eileen Winesett (20-Jul-1994)

Melinda Evans Winesett (Jan-1975)

Married 20-May-2000 Gregory Stephen Withheld

Melissa Winesett (1913)

Married 12-Oct-1934 Raymond Hugh Withheld (29-Mar-1907)

Melissa Winesett (after 1965)

Spouse is Keith Withheld

Melvina Winesett (19-Feb-1864 to unknown)

Married 27-Jun-1896 Canada Williams

Merle Winesett

Spouse is Melborn Withheld

Merrilee Winesett (30-May-1937)

Married 24-Mar-1957 and Divorced ? Michael Withheld (4-Jan-1933)
Married 20-Apr-1973 William Terry Withheld (14-Jan-1941)

Michael Alan Winesette (21-Feb-1967)

Michael Roy Winesett (6-Apr-1955)

Married Deborah D. Withheld

Mike Winesett same as Leroy Mike

Mildred Winesett (after 1920)

Milissa Winesett (13-Feb-1968)

Minnie Grey Winesett (16-Jul-1867 to 29-Mar-1980)

Mitzi Winesett (after 1941)

Myrtle Ann Winesett (9-May-1953)

Spouse is Jeffrey Withheld

Myrtle Virginia Winesett (30-Apr-1900 to 20-Apr-1990)

Married 1917/8 Hugh Howell Withheld(1899-1958)

Nancy Winesett (about 1812/1816 to after 1880)

Married 19-Dec-1845 George W. Eddes (about 1827-1864)

Nancy J. Winesett (1-Nov-1856 to Unknown)

Nancy Lucille Winesett (13-Mar-1898 to 20-Dec-1989)

Spouse was Miles Evermont Withheld

Naoma E. Winesett (1915/1915)

Nathan Easterly Winesett (1-May-1860 to 11-May-1948)

First Spouse was Susan BeEtta Withheld (1856-Unknown)
Married about 1921 Ollie Gordon Withheld (18-Jul-1876 to 2-Dec-1951)

Nathan Lonnie Winesett (13-Mar-1977)

Nathan Stamey Winesett (18-Jan-1973)

Married 23-May-1998 Heather Withheld (5-Jul-1973)

Neal Winesett (Born after 1930)

Nell Louise Winesett (21-Mar-1918 to 12-Oct-1999)

Spouses are Nathan Everett Withheld (1919-1946)
Thomas Wayne Stanley (1920-2001)

Nicholas Lane Winesett (20-Oct-1996)

Nina Sue Winesett (1946)

Married 8-Jan-1966 Roger Lee Withheld

Noah Winesett (cir 1807 to cir 1865)

Spouse was Rachel Darthula Jayne (1825-1900)

Noah Lemuel Winesett (3-Sep-2001)

Norma Alice Winesett (30-Oct-1934)

Married Robert Dean Withheld

Obediah Winesett (5-Jan-1914)

Married W. Kermit Withheld

Oda May Winesett (20-Jul-1928)

Married 9-Aug-1964 Robert Edwin Withheld (4-Jul-1935)

Okle [Okla] Winesett (23-Mar-1916)

Married Herbert Withheld

Oscar Blaine Winesett (20-Dec-1890 to 7-Nov-1967)

Married Mar-1913 Elizabeth Valera Withheld

Otto Doyle Winesett (1-Apr-1919 to Mar-1987)

Pamela K. Winesett (after 1950)

Marrried an Unknown Hamon

Patricia Lucy Winesett (after 1950)

Spouse is Robert K. Withheld

Patick Eli Winesett (15-Jul-1992)

Paul Lemuel Winesett (8-May-1896 to 20-Feb-1987)

Married 1917 Vera Sue Withheld (1900-1983)

Pauline Winesett (25-Mar-1919)

Married 12-Aug-1939 Emmett James Withheld
(21-Oct-1918 to 3-Mar-1993)

Perkins Winesett (after 1960)

Perlina Winesett (cir 1880)

23-Dec-1897 Charles Wesley Withheld

Phoebe Winesett (cir 1863 to Unknown)

Preston Steve Winesett (12-Jun-1938)

Spouse is Peggy Lou Withheld (1938)

Preston Steve Winesett Jr. (8-May-1967)

Married 27-Jun-1992 Chie Withheld

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