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Fannie Lougage Winesett (26-Jul-1920 to 5-Apr-1946)

Married 8-May-1943 Gleaves Clayton Withheld

Fern Jarvis Winesett (1929)

Married 19-Aug-1948 Andrew Withheld

Florence Winesett

Spouse was Claude McClellan

Floyd Vachel Winesett (10-May-1898 to 3-May-1976)

Spouse was Gladys Withheld (1902-1988)

Floyd W. Winesett (23-Apr-1871 to 21-Nov-1884)

Frances Winesett (23-May-1912)

Spouse is Bolling B. Withheld

Francis Ann Winesett (9-Dec-1937)

Francis May Winesett (16-Jun-1861 to 25-Aug-1861)

Frank Winesett (27-Oct-1942)

Married Sarah Withheld

Frank Gregory Winesett (14-Oct-1952)

Frank J. Winesett (9-Sep-1912 to Dec-1984)

Married Mildred Jacqueline Withheld

Frank Marion Winesett (12-Mar-1921 to 20-Aug-1997)

Married 8-Aug-1948 Frances Tucker Withheld

Frank Pierce Winesett (20-Mar-1905 to Present)

Married 1927 & Divorced ? Lila Unknown
Lois Buckly Roley (1904-Unknown)
Kathyrn Unknown

Franklin Deland Winesett (7-May-1934)

Married Sophinnie Emaline Withheld (2-Sep-1934)

Franklin Deland Winesett Jr. (24-Jun-1962)

Married Cora Lynn Withheld
Married Petra Unknown

Fred Malcom Winesett (7-Sep-1915 to Jun-1980)

Married 7-Sep-1939 Gay Golda Withheld (deceased)
Married 1980? Retha Long-Shepard (deceased 3-Dec-2008)

Frederick Winesett (about 1872/74)

Freida Winesett (11-Jan-1922 to 1-Jan-1991)

Spouse was Floyd Withheld

Garrett Winesett (18-Apr-1844 to 12-May-1909)

Married 4-Jan-1866 Ainsley C. Farmer (1844-1912)

Garrett Winesett (1930's?)

Gary Hamilton Winesett (20-Apr-1967)

Married 5-Oct-1991 Tara Marie Withheld

Gavin Conner Winesette (19-Apr-2007)

Gaylon R. Winesett (29-Aug-1920 to 11-Oct-1952)

Survived by unknown wife

George Winesett (about 1972)

George C. Winesett (about 1878)

George W. Winesett (1823)

George Walter Winesett (1873-1930>

Married 15-Feb-1905 Flora Green Withheld (1872-1953)

Gerald Winesett (after 1930)

Gerald H. Winesett (about 1890)

Gladys Winesett (7-Jul-1914 to 14-May-1958)

Spouse was Pitmann Withheld

Glenda Kathryn Winesett

Hallie Winesett

Hallie Carson Winesett (13-Sep-1929 to 19-Aug-1990)

Married 14-Feb-1947 Jack Withheld

Hannah Catherine (Coltrain) Winesett (28-Sep-1858 to 30-Dec-1928)

Married 22-Oct-1874 Henry "Bud" Coulter Harman (1855-Unknown)

Harold R. Winesett

Spouse was Goldie Unknown (1924-1996)

Harold R. Winesett Jr.

Harvey Winesett (about 1856 to Unknown)

Spouse was Orgar Umbarger

Hattie Catherine Winesett (18-Aug-1904 to 31-Jul-1930)

Married 11-Apr-1921 Sammy Davis

Hazel Winesett (Before 1920)

Hazel Lenora Winesett (21-Aug-1918 to 18-May-1997)

Hazel G. Winesett (17-Apr-1913 to 20-Mar-2002)

Hazel is not known to have ever married

Hazel Katherine Winesett (22-Aug-1910 to 19-Oct-1991)

Spouse Was John W Beavers

Heather Clay Winesett (11-Jun-1987)

Helen Winesett (31-Aug-1919)

Married 25-Sep-1937 Glenn Withheld

Helen Lucille Winesett

Spouse was John David Dority (20-Feb-1929 to Dec-1985)

Helen Mae Winesett (22-Jul-1908 to 11-Jun-1995)

Married Edward S. Withheld

Henrietta Winesett (18-Aug-1877)

Spouse was Major Carrico

Henry Winesett (about 1803 to after 1850)

Spouse's name is Anna Jennings (? died around 1850)

Henry Cleveland Winesett (25-Nov-1888 to 1-Jul-1992)

Married 2-Jul-1917 Eliza Maye Withheld (15-Mar-1888 to Dec-1975)

Henry Martin Winesett (15-Aug-1867 to 3-Feb-1925)

Married 21-Jul-1895 Rhoda Ellen Winesett (21-Jul-1869 to Unknown)

Henry Martin Winesett 2nd (12-Nov-1934)

Married Varnisha Raye Withheld (19-Aug-1937 to 5-Jan-1998)

Henry "Hank" Martin Winesett 3rd

Married Yazsha Michelle Withheld

Herman Coolidge Winesett (26-Jan-1925 to 13-Feb-2004)

Herman Roy Winesett (16-Jun-1906 to 5-Jun-1995)

Married 1928 Sena Ann Withheld (1908-1999)

Howard David Winesett (23-Aug-1936 or 5-Jun-1940)

Married 24-Dec-1960 Lois Withheld (17-Mar-1941)

Hugh Leroy Winesett (22-Apr-1941)

Spouse is Dee Anna Withheld

Hugh Loren Winesett (20-Feb-1917)

Married 23-Oct-1936 Marian Doreen Withheld (24-Feb-1920 to 13-May-1996)

Hugh Lorin Winesett (1-Nov-1995)

Hugh Louis Winesett (18-Sep-1962)

Spouse is Polly Ann Withheld (19-Apr-1964)

Ian Tate Winesett (30-Mar-2001)

Ila Grace Winesett (Jul-1886 to 193?)

Spouse was Arthur Lee Withheld

Infant Winesett (21-Jul-1908 on grave)

Ira Maynard Winesett Sr. (6-Jun-1924 to 11-Nov-2007)

Spouse was Mary Virginia Withheld (Unknown to 19-Apr-1986)

Ira Maynard Winesett Jr. (28-Dec-1949 to 4-May-2003)

Companion was Nancy Withheld

Ira Randolph (Randy) Winesett (21-Feb-1930)

Spouse is Wilma Jean Withheld

Ira Randolph Winesett Jr.

Spouse is Roxanne Withheld

Isaac Winesett (about 1810 to before 1870)

Married 7-Jan-1836 Hannah Williams (about 1805)

Isaac Winesett (about 1857 to Nov-1860)

Isaac Howard Winesett (11-Sep-1875 to 9-Apr-1932)

Married 11-Jan-1899 Minnie Mae Withheld (30-Oct-1883 to 28-Dec-1935)

Isaac Robert Winesett (17-Feb-1872 to 12-Aug-1962)

Married 14-Jan-1892 Delia Withheld 1870-1906)
Second Spouse was Lola Withheld (1880-1965)

Isaac Robert Winesett Jr. (3-Dec-1913 to 16-May-2000)

Married 1931 Ruth Geanetta Withheld (1914)

Israel L. Winesett (Cir. 1884 to before 1893)

Iva Dell Winesett (21-Sep-1933)

Spouse is Ray L. Withheld

J.D. Winesett (12-Nov-1891 to 1894)

James Dow Winesett (1-Aug-1928 to 27-Jun-1990)

Spouses were Mildred Withheld
Cynthia Withheld

James M. Winesett (15-May-1877 to 13-Dec-1884)

James Marvin Winesett (1-Aug-1883 to 14-Dec-1912)

James Neil Winesett (13-Dec-1954)

Spouse is Sharon Withheld(22-Apr-1953)

James Preston Winesett (24-Oct-1858 to 18-Jun-1911)

James Woodrow Winesett (18-Jan-1930 to 4-Oct-1976)

Married Anna Ruth Unknown)

Jane Ellen Winesett (13-Jun-1949)

Married 24-Jul-1965 John L. Withheld Jr.

Janet Winesett (8-Dec-1953)

Janice Winesett (21-Mar-1944)

Married Ray Withheld

Jason Joseph Jefferson Winesett (24-Aug-1903 to 17-Feb-1989)

Married 24-Dec-1924 Sally Withheld

Jefferson Davis Winesett (15-Jun-1861 to 13-Feb-1960)

Spouse was Mary Jane Bond (1868-1890)

Jeffrey N. Winesett (10-May-19??)

Jeffrey Paul Winesett

Jennifer Winesett

Jesse Clarence Winesett (21-May-1890 to 24-Nov-1964)

Married Cleo Withheld (28-Oct-1897 to Jun-1975)

Jesse Clarence Winesett Jr. (1-May-1919 to12-Nov-2008)

Married 26-Sep-1940 Maude Withheld

Jessica Dineen Winesett (19-Jan-1983)

Jessica Elizabeth Winesett (2-Sep-1985 to 17-Jun-1990)

Jessica Lynne Winesett (27-Sep-1988)

Jessica Winesett

Jo Ellen Winesett (1-Feb-1961)

Married Robert G. Withheld II

Joan Winesett (14-Nov-1935)

Married Albert Kelse Withheld

John David Winesett (27-May-1961)

Married Lettie Pearl Withheld

John Dean Winesett

Married Maxine Unknown

John Edmond Winesett (27-Mar-1899 to 27-Dec-1974)

Married 24-Dec-1919 Hallie Grace Withheld (14-Feb-1902 to 17-Jan-1983)

John Foster Winesett (11-Feb-1889 to 1-Feb-1916)

Married 17-Mar-1915 Maude Withheld

John Isaac Winesett (1939)

Married 5-Aug-1960 Bonnie Ann Withheld (1943)

John Larson Winesett (24-Nov-1921 to 26-Sep-1958)

Married 16-Aug-1947 Geneva Withheld

John Michael Winesett

Married Tina Withheld

John Michael Winesett Jr. (1991)

John Paul "Jay" Winesett (13-May-1969)

Married and Divorced 1998 Marnie Lynn Withheld
Married 2001 Kelly Withheld

John Stamey Winesett (18-Mar-1946)

Married 1965 Barbara Withheld (6-Apr-1946)

John Thomas Winesett (1-Feb-1952)

John Walter Winesett (5-Apr-1875 to 8-Aug-1965)

Married 15-Sep-1909 Callie Belle Robinson (1890-1929)
Married 29-Mar-1930 Ruby Lenore Milgrim (1891-1989)

Johnson Winesett 1st (1775 or earlier to before 1860)

Spouse was Mary "Polly" Unknown (cir 1775 to Unknown)

Johnson Winesett Jr. (about 1814 to 6-Aug-1891)

Married 5-Jan-1869 Nancy E. Sapp (cir 1831)

Johnson Winesett 3rd (18-May-1840 to 17-Jun-1908)

Maried 4-Oct-1855 Phebe Elizabeth Farmer

Johnson Winesett 4th (cir 1856 to Unknown)

Spouse was Anne Taylor

Jonathan Mark Winesett

Married 29-Nov-2006 Kaytlin (Unknown)

Jordan Lemuel Winesett (3-Jan-1892 to 23-Sep-1976)

Spouse was Seba Mae Withheld (1892-1982)

J. D. (Joseph?) Winesett (12-Nov-1891 to 1894)

Joseph Leland Winesett (2-Sep-1954)

Joseph Gregory Winesett (23-Apr-1900 to 22-Feb-1969)

Married Grace Samar Davis (Unknown to 14-Mar-1969)

Joseph M. Winesett (15-Jan-1854 to 13-Mar-1923)

Married 4-Feb-1875 Elizabeth Mabe (15-Feb-1856 to 25-Jun-1894)
Married 30-Jul-1896 Martha Edwards Farmer (1862? to before 1959)

Joseph P. Winesett (12-Apr-1894 to 6-Jul-1894)

Joseph Taylor Winesett (20-Jun-1994)

Josephine Dely "Dolly" Winesett (22-Jan-1858 to 13-Feb-1939)

Married Spouse was Charles A. Speck (? to 16-Sep-1881)
Married 25-Apr-1887 Llewellyn B. Mcgoon (? to 1894 or 1901)

Joshua Boone Winesett

Jotty C. Randolph Winesett (31-Jul-1942 to 29-Jan-2008)

First married Mitzi Withheld (deceased)
Second married Roberta Withheld

Jotty Foster Winesett (2-Aug-1916 to 7-Feb-2011)

Married 10-Aug-1935 Ethel Ann Withheld

Joyce Winesett (13-Sep-1935)

Married George Withheld

Joyce Winesett (13-Aug-1929)

Married Aug-1950 William "Bill" Withheld (1921-2000)

Julia A. Winesett (Dec-1860)

Junior Winesett (after 1920 to unknown date)

Kalynne L. Winesett (22-Sep-1987)

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