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A. Matilda Winesett (about 1833 to about 1854)

Married 2-Mar-1852 Thaddeus Dunkin Worrell

Aaron Nathaniel Winesett (17-Oct-1989)

Ada Florence Winesett (24-Apr-1893 to about 1919)

Spouse was Claude McCellan

Adeline Wiley Winesett (28-Mar-2007) Adrian Winesett

Spouse is Terry Withheld

Alberta Lynn Winesett (1970)

Married (1) Cecil Withheld (divorced) and (2) John Withheld (divorced)

Alcia Naomi (Norma Alice) Winesett (30-Oct-1934)

Alexander Lemuel Winesett (17-May-1873 to Aug-1959)

Married 21-Apr-1891 Matilda Lew Felts (1873-1930)
Married 1930 Bertha Withheld (1915-1994)

Alison Clark Winesett (6-Oct-1978)

Married 26-May-2001 William Withheld

Allen Edgar Wineset (13-Jan-1856 to ?)

Same person as Edgar Allen Wineset
Married Nettie Hurd (? to 4-Jan-1921
Alma Blanche Winesett (2-May-1904 to 4-May-1992)
Married 1925 Ralph Levi Withheld (18-Jan-1897 to 21-Jan-1969)

Alta Maye Winesett (13-Jul-1930 to 7-Jul-1967)

Married 14-Jun-1958 Billy Thomas Withheld

Amanda A. Winesett (21-Feb-1867 to 31-May-1939)

Amelia Winesett (12-Oct-1854 to 21-Mar-1901)

Amelia Evelyn Winesett (3-Oct-1868 to 7-Nov-1887)

Spouse was Andrew D. Robinson

Amelia Z. Winesett (about 1887)

Spouse spouse believed to be Unknown Jimorize

Angela Gray Winesett (27-Dec-1982)

Angela Lynn Winesett (after 1974)

Angeles Esparza Winesett (29-Jul-1975)

Married 1995 and Divorced 1999 Donald Christopher Withheld

Anne or Anna Belle Winesett (27-Dec-1915 to 12-Mar-1984)

Married 19-Aug-1933 Hobert Thomas Withheld

April Kay Winesett (19-Apr-1975)

Married 5-Jun-1999 Samuel Withheld

Archie Monroe Winesett (9-Apr-1939)

Married 4-Nov-1961 Margaret Elizabeth Withheld (14-Apr-1942)

Archie Monroe Winesett Jr. (26-Aug-1962)

Married 12-May-1990 Sharon Eileen Withheld

Archie Monroe Winesett III (22-Dec-1992)

Arthur Blain Winesett (14-Mar-1902 to Jan-1969)

Married 29-Nov-1931 Lottie Marie Umberger (1892-1964

Arlie W. Winesett (9-Oct-1922 to 19-May-1990)

Ashley Winesett

Augustine "Augustus" D. Winesett (abt 1881 to 10-May-1950)

Aulbry Randolph Winesett (2-May-1913 to Oct-1986)

Married 23-Sep-1935 Hazel Irene Withheld

Aulbry Randolph Winesett Jr. (23-Aug-1936 to 5-Feb-1995)

Married 19-Dec-1954 and Divorced June Withheld
Married ? Mary Louise Withheld (28-Apr-1946)

Barry Winesett

Basel Marvin Winesett (31-Oct-1913 to 1962)

Married Alice Marie Withheld

Becky Winesett

BeEtta Josephine Winesett (11-Aug-1915)

Married 28-May-1947 Robert Lee Withheld (13-Apr-1916 to Mar-1982)

Bertha Winesett (10-May-1906 to 15-Mar-1927)

Married 9-Jan-1926 W. T. Lawson (1901)

Bertha "Berlie" Winesett (7-Jun-1883 to 10-Aug-1885)

Betty Ann Winesett

Betty Lou Winesett (5-Feb-1941)

Spouse is Thomas Mondale Withheld (1942)

Betty Ruth Winesett (28-May-1935)

Spouse is C.E. Withheld

Beulah Winesett (1-Jul-1906 to Mar-1977)

Spouse was Lacy Withheld

Billy "Billie" Winesett (27-Nov-1924 to 10-May-1978)

Married 3-Jun-1953 Hattie Irene Withheld (3-May-1928)

Billy Lee Winesett (7-Nov-1932 to 19-Mar-2001)

Blaine Douglas Winesett (11-Feb-1956)

Married 17-Dec-1977 Martha Anne Withheld

Blanche Winesett (Unknown)

Spouse is Ralph L. Withheld

Bobby Miller Winesett (17-May-1937 to Aug-1971)

Married Joyce Withheld

Bonnie Grimes Winesett (2-Apr-1923)

Married 28-Jun-1946 Piety Orene Withheld

Boyd Winesett (After 1922 to ?)

Boyd Randolph Winesett (12-Jul-1957)

Bralley M. Winesett (4-Apr-1887 to 15-Jan-1964)

Married 31-Jul-1907 Sarah Withheld

Brandi Winesett (after 1974)

Brandon Dean Winesett (12-Nov-1993)

Brandon Lee Winesett (2-Aug-1970)

Married 19-Jun-1993 Martha Eugenia Withheld

Brenda Gaye Winesett (23-Sep-1954)

Married 2-Oct-1971 Donald Ray Withheld

Brennen Steele Winesett (9-Jun-1998)

Bruce Patrick Winesett (15-Jan-1971)

Bryan Gerald Winesett (30-Dec-1963)

Married about 1982 and Divorced Unknown

Buddy Eugene Winesett (23-Sep-1941 to 3-Jul-1995)

Buford Winesett (deceased)

Burton Alexander Winesett (9-Sep-1923 to 10-Jan-2014)

Spouse is Marjorie Elaine Withheld

Callie Bess Winesett

Callie Blanche Winesett (22-Nov-1886 to 29-Dec-1965)

Married 28-Nov-1901 William Edgar Hall

Calvin P. Winesett (17-Jan-1831 to 16-Oct-1893)

Married about 1851 Emily Frances Lindsey (about 1835 to 4-Aug-1874)
Married 2-Dec-1877 Lydia Ann Forester (? to 30-Dec-1922)

Carol Jean Winesett (21-Dec-1940 to 14-Apr-2000)

Spouse is Russell Thomas Withheld

Carole Virginia Winesett (6-Aug-1923)

Married 15-Apr-1944 Vincent James Withheld (1919-1999)

Caroline Winesett (1995)

Carolyn Winesett (1-Mar-1933 to 22-Apr-1933)

Casey Michelle Winesett (10-Apr-1986)

Catherine Elizabeth Winesett (21-Feb-1917 to 27-Mar-1991)

Married 1933 William W. Withheld (1909-1976)

Celia Catherine Winesett (10-Aug-1947)

Everyone's favorite Aunt Celia

Charles Alexander Winesett (15-Nov-1936)

Married 19-Aug-1969 and Divorced Linda Gail Withheld

Charles Alexander Winesett Jr. (13-Jun-1970)

Charles D. Winesett

Charles Edmond Winesett (8-Jun-1925)

Married 2-Jun (or 22-Jul)-1946 Gae Withheld

Charles Wilson Winesett (18-Apr-1905 to 15-May-1982)

Married 26-Dec-1927 Nina Withheld

Christa Winesett (about 1981)

Christina Catherina Winesett (23-Nov-2000)

Christopher Blaine Winesett (15-Feb-1985)

Christopher Randolph Winesett

Christopher William Winesett (27-Aug-1977)

Claire Winesett

Clarence Wilbert Winesett (22-Jun-1883 to 9-Feb-1974)

Married 2-Apr-1901 Louise Wolsiefer (1881 to 1901)
Married 5-Aug-190 Rose (Rosa) Wolsiefer (1883 to 20-Oct-1931)

Clark Winesett (5-Apr-1875 to before 1880)

Clark Winesett (28-Sep-1910 to 4-Mar-1918)

Claudete Lee Winesett (10-Sep-1940)

Cleston Winesett (1918)

Married 17-Oct-1936 Fred Withheld

Connie Ann Winesett (10-Sep-1941)

Married and Divorced James Withheld
Married Richard U. Withheld

Cora Winesett (19-Aug-1892 to 19-Jan-1895)

Cora Sue Winesett

Married 22-Jun-1957 Alva Lee Withheld
Cordelia E. Winesett (26-Mar-1873 to 9-Feb-1937)
Married 18-Feb-1892 Booker Richardson

Corey or Raymond Corey Winesett = Son of John

Corey Austin Winesett (3-Apr-1998)

Craig Winesett (about 1986)

Crystal Winesett (after 1974)

Curtis Henry Winesett (19-Apr-1909 to 23-Oct-1993)

Spouse was Margie Withheld (27-May-1910to 9-Nov-2007)

Cynthia Anne Winesett (5-Oct-1954)

Married 5-Jun-1976 Gary W. Withheld (1952?)

Dan Winesett (17-Oct-1905 to 1-Oct-1988)

Married 6-Apr-1927 Rebecca Mae Withheld (1909-1994)

Dan Winesett Jr. (23-Nov-1928 to 4-Mar-1992)

Spouse was Barbara Faye Withheld

Daniel Alexander (D.A.) Winesett (8-May-1907 to 17-Nov-1964)

Married 3-Jun-1930 Jettie Sanford Withheld (1910-1997)

Darren Dudley Winesett (30-Sep-1968 to 24-Feb-1970)

Darryll Winesett (18-Apr-1955)

Spouse was Chris Unknown

David Craig Winesett (3-May-1963)

Son of Howard and spouse is Lisa Withheld

David Craig Winesette (5-Nov-1969)

Son of John I. and spouse is Carol A. Withheld

Deanna Sue Winesett (7-Feb-1954)

Debra Winesett

Debra Carole Winesett (15-Mar-1953)

Debra Faye Winesett (18-Nov-1952)

Married 18-Dec-1976 Robert M. Withheld (1945-1983)

Deland Winesett (Unknown)

Delores E. Winesett (1958?)

Married 22-Sep-1990 Albert Pynckel (1962?)

Dennis Winesett (after 1936)

Dennis Eugene Winesett (after 1950)

Dennis Paul Winesett (10-Dec-1949 to 26-May-2002)

Widow is Rebecca V.

Derwin Ross Winesett (28-Nov-1958 & Murdered 23-Apr-1976)

Doctor Winesett (6-Nov-1894 to 21-Jun-1919)

"Dolly" Wineset See Josephine D. Wineset(22-Jan-1858 to 13-Feb-1939)

Donald Winesett (28-Feb-1928 to 13-Apr-1989)

Spouse was Hazel Unknown (1903-1979)

Donald Andrew Winesett (3-Jan-1971)

Married 7-Jun-1997 Leslie Gail Withheld (about 1971)

Donald Clarence Winesett (20-Nov-1916 to 20-Aug-1994)

Married 1930 Eva Rose Withheld (8-Aug-1917 to 6-Nov-2001)

Dorothy Ann Winesett (22-May-1896 to Unknown)

Married 25-Nov-1918 Irvin Burcham

Douglas Edmond Winesett (about 1960)

Married 20-Aug-1982 Barbara Withheld

Douglas Edmond Winesett Jr. (14-Dec-1988)

Earl Gray Winesett (2-Jan-1900 to Feb-1975)

First Spouse was Virginia Pearl Withheld
Second Spouse was Kathleen Unknown

Eddie Louise Winesett (17-Jan-1923)

Married 6-Apr-1947 Avis Deuel Withheld (28-Aug-1916)

Edgar Allen Winesett (about 1857)

Married Nettie Hurd (? to 4-Jan-1921)

William "Edgar" Winesett (after 1915?)

Married 25-Dec-1948 Naomi Esther Withheld

Edith Ann Winesett (9-Aug-1946)

Married 4-Nov-1967 Danny Stuart Withheld

Edward Gerald Winesett (6-Sep-1942)

Spouse is Naomi Withheld (1-Mar-1942)

Edward Martin Foster Winesett (7-Sep-1912 to Mar-1974)

Married 25-Feb-1934 Berna Mable Smythers

Effie M. Winesett (1909-1909)

Ela "Ella" May Winesett (26-Aug-1879 to 13-Aug-1885)

Elbert Winesett (29-Jun-1901 to 7-Apr-1906)

Eldon Ray Winesett (17-Apr-1944)

Married 25-Nov-1965 Linda Faye Withheld

Eli Winesett (17-Jul-1875 to 27-Aug-1960)

Married 1899 & Divorced 1901 May Pierce
Married 8-Apr-1902 Della May Steele (1888-1981)

Eli Winesett Jr. (8-May-1904 to 3-Jan-1964)

Spouses were Leona C. Eure (Unknown-Present)
Venetta Withheld (1908 - 2000)
Mercy Wing
Ollie Hill (1900 - 1988)
Venetta Withheld (1908 - 2000)

Elizabeth Anne Winesett (29-Oct-1980)

Elizabeth Marie Winesett (7-Nov-1935)

Married Jim Withheld
Married Delmar Withheld

Elizabeth Marie Winesett (28-Sep-1953)

Elizabeth Sally Winesett (27-Jan-1944)

First Spouse was Danny Withheld
Second Spouse is Jimmie Withheld

Emily Sue Winesett (15-Aug-1994)

Emma Mae Winesett (3-Mar-1900 to 6-Sep-1901)

Emma Mae Winesett (27-Mar-1902 to 21-Sep-1974)

Spouse is Thomas A. Withheld

Emmaline Winesett (about 1859 to 1930's)

Married 24-Jan-1878 James John Stewart

Emory Jefferson Winesett (5-Nov-1942)

Spouse is Sybil Withheld

Ercel Winesett (after 1927)

Married Barney Withheld

Eric Matthew Winesett (22-Oct-1970)

Erin N. Winesett (11-Sep-1984)

Ethel B. Winesett (28-Oct-1892 to 30-Nov-1960)

Married 3-Jun-1917 W. Elmer Withheld

Eula Gay Winesett (29-Jun-1910 to 16-Jul-1996)

Eva Lois Winesett (11-Dec-1924)

Eve Gaylord Winesett (9-Jul-1983)

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