Maude Winesett

Born 10-Jul-1890 and died Apr-1974
Daughter of Lemuel Winesett and Frances Loretta Stamey

Married Carl Lowe(? to 13-May-1944)

Married 1945? Andrew "Andy" Ewart

Maude and Carl spent their lives together in the boarding house, motel, and restaurant businesses. Carl built a large log house known as the "Big House" and adjacent rental cabins. The Big House was originally a dance hall. When the road was widened, about a third had to be removed. The front was replaced with cement blocks rather than logs and the "Big House" became a home. It is still owned by the family although unoccupied the last 20 years or so.

At some point the family moved to Almagorda, NM, where they operated a hotel. It is believed they lost a son there, Lemuel, who was run oved by a horsedrawn wagon. They later went to Herminston, OR, where Maude operated a little cafe.

Eventually, the family moved to Mullens, West Virginia, where they had a boarding houe. It burned down and there was no insurance.

The family then moved to Walla Walla, Washington, where they opened a luncheonette/grocery store. This was apparently unsuccessful and the family moved back to Galax, Virginia. Maude together with her daughter Monrova (Monrovia) operated a little store/restaurant for many years known as The Hilltop Inn in Galax, VA.

Carl Lowe is buried in Mountain View Cemetery. Maude and Andy Ewarts are buried in Snow Hill Baptist Church cemetery.

Carl and Maude's children are:
1. Lemuel
2. Monrovia, 4-Jul-1907 to 1974, who married first Boyd Gamble, 2nd Frank Matthews, and later twice more. Frank was a pilot and had his own plane. The family farm in Durham NW had its own landing strip. They had a home in Honolulu. They traveled a lot. Monrovia never had any children. airplane. Carl was afraid to ride with him because he often talked of suicide. They later divorced and Monrovia supposedly had several marriages afterwards.
3. Robert F., 1921-?, who marrid Leta. Their children are Susie (1939) and Robert Jr. (1941). They divorced and both remarried. 4. Kathryn, 1919 to present, who married Eugene R. (withheld). They had two children Georgia (2-Apr-1942) and Patty (13-Jun 1944).

Andy Ewart is buried at Snow Hill with Maude.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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