Martha Winesett

Born about 1805 and died 2-Jul-1870
Daughter of Johnson Winesett and Mary "Polly" Unknown

Married unknown date to Richard Farmer
Born about 1805 and Died 4-Sep-1875
Son of Michael Farmer and Ailcy Shockley

Martha was called Patsy and was born in NC. Richard was born in VA and raised on Chesnut Creek. Richard was a farmer. They raised their children on Glade Creek. John Alderman in his book said all married but only Lydia survived their parents. Leathy also appears to have survived her parents.

Richard's brother, Charles married Martha's sister, Margaret. Another brother, Howell, had two daughters, Phebe and Ailsey (Elsa) that married brothers, Johnson and Garrett Winesett, nephews of Martha and Margaret.

Richard and Martha's children are:
1. Ailcy [Elsey] (1823 - 1861) who married William Robinson [Robeson] (1820-1899) and had six children including Allis and James,
2. Mary (about 1830 to ?,
3. Lydia A. (about 1832 to after 1875) who may have married Samuel Robinson [brother of William],
4. Martin (about 1835 to ?) who married Charlotte Unknown (Pope?), and
5. Noah (about 1835 to ?) who married Orlena Unknown.

Lydia reported her father's death in 1875 so he may have been living with her. Help anyone?

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