Margaret Winesett

Born 1796 and died unknown date
Daughter of Johnson Winesett and Mary "Polly" Unknown

Married about 1822 to Charles Farmer
Born about 1796 in Galax and Died 16-Jun-1876
Son of Michael Farmer and Ailcy Shockley

Margaret was born in NC. Charles was born in VA and raised on Chesnut Creek. Charles was a farmer. His brother, Richard married Margaret's sister, Martha. Another brother, Howell, had two daughters, Phebe and Ailsey (Elsa), that married brothers, Johnson and Garrett Winesett, nephews of Margaret and Martha.

Charles and Margaret's known children are:
1. Mary "Polly" (30-Jul-1822 to 1908) married in 1841 her first cousin, John Bryant (1821 to 1884), son of Thomas Farmer and Ruth Bryant; their nine children include Mahala, William and Henderson; John was a captain in Company C, 29th Virginia, CSA;
2. Henderson (4-Jun-1828 to 24-Dec-1906) who married Francena Sumner (20-Aug-1836 to 15-Oct-1880),
3. Johnson (about 1832 to ?) who married Elizabeth Unknown about 1858,
4. Michael L. (about 1833 to ?) who married Sena Shockley 19-Aug-1850,
5. Elsey (about 1836 to ?),
6. Ruth (about 1827 to ?) who married Jonathan "John" Burnette (about 1820 to 1906) on 29-Feb-1844, and an
7. Unknown child.

John Alterman in his 1850 Census: Annotated said there were 7 children. Help anyone?

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