Louis Eli Winesett

Born 23-May-1894 and died in Nov-1977
Social Security: 227-03-6678 (Virginia)
Son of Alexander Lemuel Winesett and Mattie Lew Felts

Married 15-Apr-1918 in Edmonds, NC
Wife was Grace Elizabeth Withheld
Born 17-Feb-1897 and died 27-Sep-1989
Social Security: 224-92-69214 (Virginia)

First Photo:April 15, 1918, Louis and Bessie and Louis's mother, Mattie Mae
Second Photo: Papa with sister, Velva, in the 1970's

Louis or Lewis was born in Odessa, MO. One story is that in 1917, he took two railroad car loads of mules from New Mexico back to Virginia. At a railroad crossing he saw and waived to his Uncle Eli who was waiting at the RR crossing with his family for the train to pass through. He loved to tell stories to anyone who would listen. He learned to drive a horseless carriage in New Mexico and delivered mail throughout the dessert area.

An article in the Otero County News, Alamogorda, NM, noted that L.E. Winesett now of Galax, VA, along with 35 Otero boys was to report to Camp Arthur at Waco TX between 3 and 6-Sep-1918.

Grace was well known for her cooking especially pies. She was a pillar of strength on which her family relied.

Louis and Grace's children are:
1. Pauline (25-Mar-1919 to Present),
2. Louis Eli Jr. (23-Aug-1921 to 17-Apr-1945),
3. Burton Alexander (9-Sep-1923 to 10-Jan-2014,
4. Billy (27-Nov-1925 to 10-May-1978),
5. Ralph (3-Mar-1927 to Present),
6. Mattie Lee (4-Mar-1929 to 27-Oct-2002),
7. Iva Dell (21-Sep-1933 to Present),
8. Rex Lemuel (10-Jun-1931 to Present),
9. Betty Ruth (28-May-1935 to Present) and
10. Roger Glen (4-Aug-1938 to Present) who married Barbara.

Louis Jr., an Army PFC, gave his life for his county during World War II while serving in Italy and was posthumously awarded the silver star for valor.

Any information on the spouses and families of the children of Louis and Grace.

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