Leroy Mike Winesett

Born 24-Jan-1931 to Present
Son of Dan Winesett and Rebecca Mae Withheld

Married 26-Dec-1952 Nancy Furr Withheld
Born 26-Jan-1933 and died 28-Dec-1971

Married 31-Jul-1972 Marnie Miller
Born 3-Dec-1926

Mike was in school during the draft for the Korean War and too old for Viet Nam so he never served in the armed forces. Mike worked for the "700 Club" for years. He now repairs jewelry as a sideline. Mike has the pocket watch that his grandfather, Eli Winesett, won in a bicycle race in Olympia, WA, before the turn of the century.

Mike and Nancy's children are:
1. Michael Roy (6-Apr-1955) and
2. Janet Lynn(8-Dec-1953).
Mike has a nursery in Virginia Beach.

There are no children of the marriage to Marnie.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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