Leo Singletary Winesett

Born 24-Dec-1936 in Florence, SC
Son of Eli Winesett Jr. and Venetta Withheld

Married 2-Mar-1954 Patsy Eugenia Withheld

He was called Pedro. Little is known about Pedro and Patsy. Pedro served in the Air Force and was medically retired. Pedro now workes for Wellman Industries.

Pedro and Patsy married in Kingstree, SC. Pedro and Patsy's children are:
1. Darryll (18-Apr-1955),
2. Derwin Ross (28-Nov-1958 to 23-Apr-1976) and
3. Sheryll Ann (9-Jul-1957).

Darryll was married and divorced without children. He is retired from the Air Force and works for Sunoco Paper Company.

Derwin's remains were found on a highway in Coward, SC. It was officially ruled an accident but family members believe that he was murdered. He had been beaten at a bar and then dumped in the middle of the highway.

Sheryll married but her husband was killed in an automobile accident. Her children are Christy (about 1985) and Richard "Ricky" (about 1977).

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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