Lemuel Winesett

Born about 1818 and died 15-Dec-1881
Son of Johnson Winesett and Mary (Polly) Unknown

Married 17-Oct-1850 Amelia Leonard
Born 2-Jun-1830 and died 6-Sep-1919
Daughter of Obediah Leonard and Martha (Patsy) Wilkinson

Lemuel's brother, Isaac, named a son Lemuel and there have been many others with Lemuel as a first or middle name. Lemuel and his family were in Carroll County, VA for the 1860 and 1880 federal censuses. Martha (Pasty) Leonard was shown in a separate household next to them in 1860 but was living with them in 1880 at 80 years old. Where were they in 1870?

Little is known about Amelia and her mother at this time. The 1917 Carroll County Confederate Pension List names Amelia as a pensioner. I found a Library of Virgina card which lists Winset, L. as a member of Co. F or Troop 7, 4th Reg also 5th [Library of VA, Vol 7, Page 478]. Apparently this is Lemuel who was rather old for military service. I do not yet have a copy of his record.

Lem and Amelia's known children are:
1. Martha (about 1852 to unknown),
2. Mary L. (26-Jun-1853 to 23-May 1916) [birth records shows Mary born 11-Feb],
3. Amelia (12-Oct-1854 to 26-Mar-1901),
4. Nancy J. (1-Nov-1856 to unknown),
5. James Preston (24-Oct-1858 to 18-Jun-1911), considered a substantial farmer in 1888-1889 in the Tipton area,
6. Julia Ann (about 1860 to 1920),
7. Lorena (about April 1863 to 20-Aug-1864) of croup,
8. Melvina (about 1865 to unknown),
9. Henry Morton or Martin (15-Aug-1867 to 1927?),
10. Washington Conner (15-Aug-1871 to 1954) and
11. George W. (28-Dec-1873 to 1930).

There may have been other children who did not survive. I am not absolutely positive about Lorena. Sallie who died 25-Nov-1868, age not given, may have also been a daughter. The birth and death records often used nicknames of the parents and of the children. Sometime only initials which are difficult to read were used.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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