Lemuel Eli Winesett

Born 28-Jan-1950
Son of Robert Alexander Winesett and Elsie Ruth Withheld

Married and Divorced Linda Withheld

Married 7-Apr-1984 Rose Withheld
Born 4-Jan-1943
Daughter of John Withheld and Letha Revels
December 2001

Eli was born in Plymouth, NC. Eli graduated from Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda, Florida. Eli was very young when married Linda. Eli had to go to work to support his family. He worked for Trailways and Greyhound bus lines for many years but found the corporate mismanagement stressful. He took a year off and then worked for brother John in Chattanoogo, TN. Eli then went back to school and became a registered nurse.

Eli and Linda's only child was John Paul "Jay" (13-May-1969).

Eli and Rose have no children together but Rose has two children T. Derek (1963) and Yvonne Marie "Bonnie" from her prior marriage. Bonnie married Christopher and they have a daughter, Alexis Marie 22-Nov-1994). Derek works in corporate and business training programs.

Eli and Rose have a home on a canal with close access to the river in North Fort Myers, Florida. They enjoy each other, their dog Rusty, their cat, Kudzu, boating, fishing, and visits with their grandchildren.

One never knows what improvement will have been made to the home of Eli and Rose, a new fence, comfortable swings next to the water, a bricked courtyard, etc. Eli and Rose always keep busy and make improvements for their comfort and that of their guests.


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