Born 18-Jul-1929
Died 2011
Son of Yong Dae and Soon Duk Withheld

Married 3-Feb-1948 to Ok Kyung Withheld
Born Born ? and died 19-Aug-1988
Daughter of Unknown and Unknown

Far Right: Top is Yong Dae, middle is Ju Pil and bottom is Ok Kyung. Her parents and on the left and the older gentleman in the middle is a friend of Yong Dae.

Ju Pil is a member of the 3rd class of the Korean equivalent to West Point. He was a captain in the engineer corps when the engagement picture was taken in 1947. He left the service as a lieutenant colonel when General Park took over the government by coup in 1962.

Ju Pil and Ok Kyung's childeren are:
1. Kum Ju (25-Aug-1952). Married and has two sons.
2. Wan Do (29-Jul-1954). Married to Ki Boon (3-Oct-1963. Children are Ha Jin (10-Dec-1990) and He Eun (10-Dec-1992). Wan Do is an Assembly of God Minister in Chicago, IL.
3. Min Ju (16-Nov-1957). Married to a minister. They have two sons. They live in Los Angeles, CA.
4. Wan Sun (29-Sep-1961). Wan Sun is an engineer. He works for an international construction company on projects through out the world. He is married and has ? children.
5. Hyung Ju (). She was married and divorced. She lives with her son and daughter in Los Angeles, CA.

Information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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