Born 10-Dec-1932 and died
Son of Yong Dae and Soon Duk Withheld

Married 24-Jan-1964 to He Ja Withheld
Born Born ?
Daughter of Unknown and Unknown

Ju Whang was an architect. After graduation from Hang-Yang University, Seoul Korea, with a degree in architectual engineering, he served in the Korean Army reaching the rank of captain. He was the chief architect for the Korean National Assembly when he emmigrated to the United States for the benefit of his children. Although he had a Phd, he went into the laundry business in Atlanta, GA. He was successful and his children all graduated from college.

Ju Whang did in an automible accident on I-66 in Atlanta. His car was hit and he made the serious mistake of getting out of his car. He was hit by several cars.

He Ja is a nurse. She lives with her daughter, has taken up painting and spends time with her grandchildren.

Ju Hwang and Hee Ja's childeren are:
1. Man Soo. A business man. He and his spouse own several clothing stores around Atlanta. He and his spouse have a son and a daughter.
2. Eun Jung. Majored in music in college. An accomplished pianist and opera singer. She is married to James. They have two daughters.
3. Dong Soo. Graduated from technical college. He worked for Intel in New Mexico. He later returned to Atlanta and managed a clothing store for his older brother until opening his own. He and his wife have two sons, Preston and ?.

Information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

Hee Ja (standing) and Song Yup at the Mandalay casino in Las Vegas, NV

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