Born 2-Jun-1936 and Died 1973
Son of Yong Dae and Soon Duk Withheld

Married to Withheld
Born ?
Daughter of Unknown and Unknown

Ju Baek graduated from Hang-Yang University, Seoul Korea, with a degree in engineering. He served in the Korean Marine Corps as a fighter pilot. He left the service as a captain.

After completing his military service. Ju Baek was a pilot for Korea Air Lines and later for Air Viet Nam. He was killed when his plane crashed. It was never settled whether it was a result of sabotage or adverse weather.

Sister, Song Ok, went to Viet Nam to settle his affairs. She was required to personally create his remains and take them back to Korea. She was several months pregnant with Ronald at the time.

Ju Baek left a wife and two daughters. Chong Su and Yong Su. Chong Su is a pharmacist in the San Francisco CA area and Yong Su is a teacher in Australia. His wife subsequently remarried, a minor scandal. Lee family wives do no usually remarry.

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