Joseph Monroe Winesett

Born 15-Jan-1854 Carroll County
Died 13-Mar-1923
Son of Samuel Winesett and Mary "Polly" Porter

Married 4-Feb-1875 Elizabeth Mabe
Born 15-Feb-1856 and Died 25-Jun-1894
Daughter of William Mabe and Prudence King

Elizabeth Mabe Winesett

Married 30-Jan-1895 Martha Ellen Farmer
Born about 1862 Carroll County
Died before 1959
Daughter of Elia A. Farmer and Sena Unknown

Little is known about Joseph and his wives. Joseph was born and and died in Carroll County. He was residing in Wythe County when he married Martha. Joseph is buried in Bunts Cemetery.

Joseph and Elizabeth and their children, Samuel, William and Thomas, and boarders, Polly Johnson and Polly Slate, are in the lead mining district of Wythe County for the 1880 census. Joseph is listed as a furnace worker. It is possible that Polly Slate was the former Mary Odle born in 1833 in Stokes County, NC, the widow of Azariah Slate and related somehow to the Porters.

Elizabeth, according to Jim Mabe Family Home Page, and Carroll County Death Records died of a heart condition. She is buried in Whitetop Cemetery near Austinville.

The location of Martha's grave is not known at this time. Any help on this family will be appreciated.

Joseph and Elizabeth's known children are:
1. Samuel Floyd (19-Dec-1875 to 10-Dec-1959),
2. William Robert (29-Aug-1877 to 28-Jul-1934),
3. Thomas W. (about 1879 to 10-Feb-1953),
4. Perlina (about 1880 to 23-Dec-1897) who married Charles Wesley Freeman,
5. Mary (Maggie) Magdalene (28-Jul-1882 to 19-Apr-1955) who married Michael Stoots 24-Jan-1901,
6. Ruth Ann (about 1885 to 1907) who married Andrew C. Porter, 24-Jan-1901,
7. Bralley M. (4-Apr-1887 to 15-Jan-1964),
8. John Foster (11-Feb-1889 to 1-Feb-1916),
9. J.D. (Joseph P. in death records) (12-Nov-1891 to 6-Jul-1894) who is buried beside his mother,
10. Mattie (16-Nov-1891 to Oct-1971) who married John W. Frazier, and
11. Joseph P. (12-Apr-1894 to 6-Jul-1894) who died of unknown cause perhaps his mother's breats were dry.

Joseph and Martha's childen are:
1. Emma Mae (3-Mar-1900 to 6-Sep-1901), and
2. Rhoda Ellen (26-Jul-1902 to 20-Aug-1960) who married Alform M. Fisher. who married 2-May-1917 Alford M. Fisher and who died of breast cancer.

Joseph and Martha were living in the Sulphur Springs district of Carroll County for the 1920 census.

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