Jordan Lemuel Winesett

Born 5-Jan-1892 in Missouri
Died 23-Sep-1976, Inyo County, CA
Social Security: 555-46-1415 (California)
Son of Alexander Lemuel Winesett and
Matilda Lew Felts

Marriage Unknown Date to Seba Mae Bower
Born 29-May-1892 in Texas
Died 18-Feb-1982 in Inyo County, CA
Social Security: 560-70-7511 (California)
SSAN: 560-70-7511
Daughter of Unknown Bower and Unknown Price

Jordy or Jay as he was known stayed out west when family returned to Virginia. Brother Frank P. had pictures of Jordy and Seba on a horse. Jay applied for a land patent 15-Feb-1919 in Otero County, NW, but the 1920 Federal Census finds him in Los Angeles County, CA. The webmaster does not know who inherited the pictures when Frank died.

Jay worked for the City of Long Beach until retiring to Big Pine where he and Seba are buried. Nothing else is known about him at the present time.

Nothing is known about Seba at the present time.

Jordan and Seba's known children are:
1. Raymond Leroy (14-Jun-1913 in Arizona and died 19-Mar-1994 in Inyo County, CA) SSAN 548-01-2847,
2. Zora Lavina (7-Aug-1915 in New Mexico and died 26-Mar-1997 in Inyo County, CA) SSAN: 548-12-1891,
3. Hugh Loren Winesett (20-Feb-1917 in New Mexico) and died 21-Sep-2002 in Las Vegas, NV), and
4. Hazel Lenora (21-Aug-1918 in New Mexico and died 18-May-1997 in Inyo County, CA) SSAN: 548-20-8687.

Hazel supposedly never married and retired from Hughes Aricraft.

Zora married a Lyday. It is not known at this time whether there were children of the marriage.

Any additional information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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