Johnson Winesett

Born in 1775 or earlier
Date of death between 1850 and 1860

Married unknown date Mary (Polly) Unknown
Born between 1776 and 1795
Date of death was after the 1860 census

Johnson was the original Winesett so far as I can discover. Do not confuse Johnson with his son (b1814-19) and grandsons (b1856-57 & 1869) and a great grandson with the same name all lived in the Carroll and Grayson County area of Virginia about at the same time. Noah's son later moved to Johnson City, Tennessee.

Johnson was in Stokes County, North Carolina, for the 1820 Census. His true origin in unknown but it is suspected that he was named after Col. Thomas Johnson [Johnston] of Onslow County, NC, whose daughter married an unknown "Winsett". There were Winsetts in the area of the current Jones County in what was Dobbs and Lenoir County of NC along the Tuckahoe Creek. Johnson's 1820 household consisted of fourteen members including three females between 16 and 25 years of age.

I note that a Mary Winsett married a Johnson in St. George's County, Maryland, in 1799. William Winsett married an Anne Johnson in Tennesee. These are other Johnson connections.

Johnson was in Grayson County, Virgina, for the 1830 Census. Johnson's occupation was farming. The tax rolls do not list him as owning any horses. I have been told that horses were luxuries and farmers used oxen to pull their ploughs and wagons. Johnson and Mary were in Carroll County for the 1840 and 1850 censuses.

Mary was called Polly. Her orgin outside of the listed birth state of NC is unknown. Polly was living with her son, Johnson, for the 1860 Carroll County Census. Also present in the household were daughters Sally and Nancy along with Nancy's son, William H. Eddes who later took Winesett as his surname.

Johnson and Mary's known children are:
1. Margaret (about 1802) who married Charles Farmer,
2. Henry (about 1803 to after the 1850 IA census),
3. Martha (about 1805 to 2-Jul-1870) who married Richard Farmer,
4. Noah (about 1807/11 to about 1865),
5. Isaac (about 1810 to about 1870),
6. Johnson Jr. (about 1814 to 6-Aug-1891),
7. Sally (Sallie) (about 1816 to 27-Nov-1867) who is not known to have married but had a child in 1833,
8. Ruth (dates unknown) who married Absalom Bryant in 1838,
9. Nancy (about 1812/16) who married George W. Eddes, and
10.Lemuel (about 1818 to 15-Dec-1881).
There may have been other children but their names and birth dates are not known at this time. I strongly believe that there was a 6th son based on the 1820 Stokes County census.

I am no longer convinced that Henry is Johnson's son. Henry was of some close relationship but moved to Illnois in the late 1820's and then to Kentucky and finally to Iowa. He always listed his birth place as Virginia while Johnson and his children listed NC as their birth place. Further, Henry's son, Calvin P. Wineset, said his grandfather was also named Henry and served in the Revolutionary War. While Calvin may have been mistaken as to his grandfather's name - some doubt remains because I found a reference to a Henry Winsett in Maryland's Hundreds although no further information to date. I am researching further.

A Jacob P. Winesett married Marina Russell 16-Mar-1865 in Hancock County, Illinois. There were fairly numerous Winsetts and Wimsett/Wimsatts in Illinois.

A Joseph Winesett purchased 31 acres tract of patent land straddling Parke and Vermillion Counties, Indiana, on 1-May-1848 and an additional 38.3 arce tract which straddled the same two counties on 10-Dec-1850. The 1850 census gives his birthplace as MD. Joseph could have been a cousin of Johnson. The Indiana census gives Joseph's surname as Winsett rather than Winesett. Examination of the certificates held by the Bureau of Land Management shows it is definitely Winesett with a middle "e".

There was a birth of an unnamed female child to F.D. Winesett and Hattie Hatton 4-May-1889 in Vermillion County Birth Records Index. Again the Indiana census omits the middle "e".

Additional information from anyone regarding the Winsett/Winesett/Wimsett families of Indiana would be appreciated.

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