John Walter Winesett

Born 5-Apr-1875 and died 8-Aug-1965)
Social Security: 227-10-1884 (Virginia)
Son of Johnson Winesett and Phebe Farmer

First Spouse was Callie Belle Robinson
Married 15-Sep-1909 Carroll Marriage Book 1, Page 155
Born 23-Mar-1890 and died 3-Apr-1929

Callie Belle Robinson

Second Spouse was Ruby Lenore Milgrim
Married 29-Mar-1930 Carroll Marriage Book 3, Page 2
Born 2-Jun-1891 and died 6-Dec-1989
Social Security: 225-92-8991 (Virginia)

J. Walter, Otto, Ruby & Coolidge in front

John Walter played the fiddle in an early 1900's band. He was an early Carroll County photographer. During his life he farmed, operated stores, maintained a telephone switchboard in his home, conducted a photography business on the side and delivered mail. His two sons followed in his musical footsteps as fiddlers. Both were well known in the area. Otto fell off a roof at age 10 and suffered epileptic seizures thereafter but it did not keep him from playing the piano and guitar as well as the fiddle.

Nothing is currently known about Callie. Anyone with knowledge - please contact.

John and Callie's children are:
1. Lois (25-Oct-1910 to 1-Jun-1998) who married a Roy Bell and after his death, Eli Delp;
2. Otto Doyle (1-Apr-1919 to Mar-1987) who never married. Social Security: 228-94-3868 (Virginia).
3. Herman Coolidge (26-Jan-1925 to 13-Feb-2004) who never married and served in the Navy during WWII (29-Jul-1943 to 1945)

24-Apr-1943 to ?

Coolidge worked in cotton and furniture mills and later as a school janitor. Coolidge played his fiddle in competions throughout Virginia and North Carolina and won many ribbons. He still lives on the family homestead in Ivanhoe, Wythe County, VA.

Coolidge served in the South Pacific on New Caledonia in the construction and maintaining an airfield. Every man in the outfit other than Coolidge died in battle or of disease. Coolidge was wounded in the head by a sniper's bullet and was home on convalescent leave when the war ended.

Coolidge had an extra 15 minutes of fame in 2000 when his outhouse floor gave way and he was caught suspended just above the feces. He was there for 3 days before his mailman went looking for him because he had not removed his mail from the mail box. Coolidge was news all over the world. His story was carried in newpapers, magazines including the National Inquirer, on CNN and the Ophra Winfrey Show. He was 75 years old at the time.

John and Ruby had no children of their marriage. The wills of both John and Ruby required that the devisees take care of Otto (Wythe County Will Book 33, page 292).

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