John Stamey Winesett

Born in 18-Mar-1946 in Plymouth, North Carolina
Son of Robert Alexander Winesett and Elsie Ruth (Withheld)

Married 1965 Barbara withheld
Born 6-Apr-1946 in Canada
Daughter of Clare (withheld) and Marie Rowley

John & Barbara in Key West, 2001
John was the quiet and studious member of his family. He graduated from Charlotte High School (1960-1964) in Punta Gorda, Florida. He studied construction engineering and received his BS from the University of Florida.

John, Barbara and Celia spent one season in New Orleans working to earn money for John's tuition and the family's living expenses. It was a memorial time both for the waitering and waitressing experience and Corey's birth.

John worked for a few years for a major Atlanta construction firm working in Chattanooga, TN, before starting his own home building and later commercial building firm. His firm was eventually Winesett-Hill, a construction firm which operates throughout the southern United States.

John and Barbara are currently retired. They enjoy visiting family and friends. They took an European tour in 2002, visiting Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark. They slept on the train as it passed through Austria.

Barbara is an efficient and elegant homemaker. She and John were high school sweethearts. Barbara put her own education aside to work and help John through college and afterwards.

John and Barbara's children are:
1. Raymond Corey (16-Jun-1966) and
2. Eric Matthew (22-Oct-1970).

John, grandchildren Tate and Lane, and Barbara, 2002

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