James Dow Winesett

Born 1-Aug-1928 and Died 27-Jun-1990
Social Security: 242-42-8223 (North Carolina)
Son of Eli Winesett and Della May Steele

Married 13-Feb-1953 and divorced May-1973
Mildred Withheld

Married 12-Jun-1981 Cynthia Withheld
Daughter of Clifton L. Withheld and
Margaret Pierce (1913 - 2000)

Jimmy was born in Whiteville, NC. He served in the army but did not go overseas. After his marriage to Mildred, he worked in the bee (honey) business with his father and brother, Frank, in Florida and also as a house painter. He moved back to Plymouth and became a union pipefitter for the pulp mill.

Jimmy and Mildred had four daughters:
1. Elizabeth Marie called Beth (28-Sep-1953) who graduated from Plymouth High School,
2. Linda Ann (27-Sep-1954) who graduated from Plymouth High School (1968-1972,
3. Katherine Leigh called Kittie (3-Oct-1956) who graduated from Plymouth High School, and
4. Jo Ellen (1-Feb-1961) who graduated from Plymouth High School (1975-1979 and who married Robert G. Withheld (b 24-Nov-1961) and has a son, Raymond Edward.
Beth has two daughters, Audra and Lauren; Ann has a daughter - Morgan; Kittie's children are Paige, Robert and Kane and grandson - Davis; and Jo has a son - Edward.

Cynthia has had her hands full as the sole support her family after Jimmy's death. She owns and operates a barber shop in the Indian River section of the Chesapeake. Cindy is a licensed cosmotologist and barber. She is very proud of her daughters.

Jimmy and Cynthia had two daughters:
1. Jessica Dineen (19-Jan-1983) and

2. Megan Ashly (28-May-1984).

Megan plans to enter the Air Force and specialize in military intelligence.

Jessica is a heavy mobile mechanic apprentice electrician at a Norfolk naval shipyard.


The webmaster wished both Megan and Jessica the best for their careers.

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