Iva Dell Winesett

Born 21-Sep-1933 in Galax, VA
Daughter of Louis Eli Winesett and Grace Elizabeth Withheld

Married 19-Nov-1953 Ray L. Withheld
Born 12-Jan-1933 in Galax, VA
Son of Fred C. Moser and Maude Withheld

Little is known about Iva Dell and her family. Roy works in the construction business and Iva works in the high school cafeteria.

Ray and Iva's known children are:
1. Terry Lee (21-Aug-1956),
2. Jeffrey A. (4-Jul-1963).

Terry married 20-May-1976 Sandra Withheld (21-Jun-1955) and they have a son, Christopher (23-Mar-1981).

Jeffrey married 1-Jul-1987 Holly Withheld (1-May-1967) and they have sons, Ryan (29-May-1982) and Nicholas (6-Jul-1989).

Any information about the members of this family will be appreciated.

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