Isaac Winesett

Born about 1810 and died 22-Feb-1870
Son of Johnson Winesett and Mary "Polly" Unknown

Married 7-Jan-1836 to Hannah Williams
Born about 1805 in Bedford County, VA
Died 25-Aug-1886 in Carroll County, VA
Daughter of Samuel Williams and Anne Newman

Isaac is listed as being born in NC and he was a farmer. He appeared to have been a substantial citizen and served as surety for several marriages.

Isaac sued the heirs of Anderson Melton over land he had purchased and hadn't received a deed.

He was in Grayson County, VA for the 1830/40 Census but in Carroll County for the 1850 and 1860 censuses. He was deceased at the time of the 1870 census. His will recorded in Grayson County. It is noted that early tax records list Isaac as owning a horse but not his father Johnson. Horses were a luxury. Farmers used oxen to pull their wagons and plows.

Hannah was born in Grayson County, VA. She and her brother, William Williams, were living with her son, Lemuel, in the Piper Gap Township, for the 1870 Carroll County, Census and with Garrett for the 1880 Census and at her death.

Isaac and Hannah's known children are:
1. Samuel (Jul-1836 to Dec-1860),
2. Mary (Polly) Ann (27-Dec-1837),
3. Johnson (18-May-1840 to 17-Jun-1908),
4. Margaret (27-Feb-1842 to unknown),
5. Garrett (18-Apr-1844 to 12-May-1909) and
6. Lemuel (9-Sep-1848 to 3-Jun-1928).

Does anyone know anything about Margaret? What happened to her?

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