Isaac Robert Winesett

Born 17-Feb-1872 and died 12-Aug-1962
Son of Lemuel Winesett and Frances Loretta Stamey

Married 14-Jan-1892 to Delia Gentry
Born 8-Mar-1870 and died 14-Dec-1906

Married in 1908 to Lola Parrish
Born 21-Mar-1880 and died 7-May-1965

Isaac Robert was called "Bob" was born on Cold Creek in Carroll County, VA. It is believed that he went to Washington state in the 1890 and worked in the construction business. He later went to Michigan bought a farm and planted a crop. However, he became homesick and returned to Virginia before the crops were ready. The Brannocks of Michigan would visit his family in the summers. He had the first store in Woodlawn built of brick. It was later continued by his son Robert and then a Garney?.

Little is known about Delia at the present time.

Bob and Delia's children are:
1. Paul Lemuel (8-May-1896 to 20-Feb-1987),
2. John Edmond "Ed" (21-Mar-1899 to 27-Dec-1974),
3. Alma Blanche (2-May-1904 to 4-May-1992), and
4. Herman Roy (16-Jun-1906 to 5-Jun-1995). Paul had a store where Fairview hits Road 89.

Bob and Lola's children are:
1. Curtis Henry (19-Apr-1909 to 23-Oct-1993),
2. Frances (23-May-1912) who married a Lineberry, and
3. Isaac Robert Jr. (3-Dec-1913 to 16-May-2000).

Ed and later, Robert Jr. worked as undertakers in Galax for Vaughan Funeral Home.

Any additional information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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