Howard David Winesett

Born 5-Jun-1940 in McComas, WV
Son of Aulbry R. Winesett and Hazel Irene Withheld

Married 24-Dec-1960 to Lois Withheld
Born 17-Mar-1941
Daughter of Albert Withheld and Garnet Withheld

Howard was born in the coal fields of West Virginia where many members of his family worked or were otherwise involved in the coal mining business. Howard with great sacrifice by his family was the first to graduate from college. He graduated from Morris Harvey College in Charleston, West Virginia. He taught high school mathematics and became a school administrator. He retired from the Jacksonville, Florida, public school system. He and Lois are enjoying their retirement in sunny Florida. Howard is a member of the board and the treasurer of the Educational Community Credit Union in Jacksonville.

Lois worked as a secretary and as an adjuster.

Howard and Lois's children are:
1. David Craig (3-May-1963 in Charleston, WV) a minister of the Church of Nazerine, and
2. Lorri (19-Oct-1967 in Jacksonville, FL) who married Andrew Kevin Withheld and has a son Sydney (5-Jul-1998).

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