Henry Winesett

Born about 1803 and died unknown date after 1852
Son of Johnson Winesett and Mary unknown

Date of Marriage is unknown
Name of Wife is Anna Jennings

There is some confusion whether Henry was born in Virginia or in North Carolina as the rest of his siblings. The Webmaster now has some doubts whether Henry was a son of Johnson and Mary at all. In any event he was closely related.

Henry was the bondsman for the marriage of I. George and Anne Farmer on 25-Mar-1827, Grayson County, Va. He was in Sangamon County, IL for the 1830 Census, and for the birth of his son, Calvin. Henry was in Kentucky in 1840 for the birth of daughter, Lydia Ann. He and children, Calvin P. and Lydia A., were in Henry County, IA for the 1850 census. Henry's listed occupation was shoemaker. Calvin said in 1893 that he grew up in Kentucky indicating that the family may have moved to Kentucky in the early 1830's and did not leave before moving to Hillsboro, Iowa, in 1849.

Assuming that Calvin's information is correct, then the Henry Winsett listed in the Nelson County, KY, Poll Book and who voted in August of 1835 at Bardstown and in August of 1838 at Fairfield is the the subject herein. Further, he is the same Henry Winsett (Winsitt) listed in the Nelson County KY 1840 Federal Census aged between 30 and 40 (my information is that he would have 37) with a wife between 20 and 30, one male child under 5, one male child between 5 and 10 (Calvin would be 9 years old) and two little girls under 5 (Lydia would have been born about 1840 and may or may not have been one of the girls enumerated). The aforesaid is not inconsistent with Calvin's statment that a total of 13 children were born to his parents but only he and Lydia survived them.

Henry was a resident of Nelson County, Kentucky, along with his wife, Anna, at the time they appointed Richard Farmer by instrument dated 16-Feb-1848 their attorney to sell and convey a parcel in Carroll County, formerly Grayson County, Virginia, on their behalf. The land was further identified as being the same tract conveyed to him between 1801 and 1806 [this is inconsistent with his age which makes me believe the that the scribe's two looked like a zero] by Peton Wilby (DB 2 page 448). A tract on Glades Creek was conveyed from Henry Winesett and wife by Richard Farmer as attorney-in-fact for Henry Winesett and his wife, Anna, to Johnson Winesett dated 15-Jul-1859. Henry and Anna are listed as residents of Nelson County, Ky.

Nothing is currently known about Henry's spouse, Anna, other than Calvin's assertion that his mother's family was an old Virginia family. He also gave her name as Annie Jennings. The 1850 Iowa Federal Census, Salem Township, did not list Anna with the family (she may have been deceased or merely visiting elsewhere) at the time of the census. When Richard Farmer actually conveyed their Carroll County property in 1859, he may not have known whether Anna was alive or not.

Hendry is listed on the 1852 Iowa State Census in Salem Township.

Henry and Anna's known children are:
1. Calvin P. (about 1831) and
2. Lydia A. (about 1840). Lydia married Ezra Allison in 1858 and named her son William H. "Henry". The marriage took place in Van Buren, IA. One Allison family source said she died in Washington County, OH, in 1866, however, Calvin said in 1893 that his sister, Mrs. Lydia Ann Allison, was residing in Silver City, Idaho. This is verified by the both the 1880 and the 1890 Federal Census for Owyhee County, Idaho Territory.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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