Henry Martin Winesett Jr. (III)

Son of Henry Martin Winesett and Vernisha Raye Withheld

Married 24-Apr-1999 Yazsha Michelle Withheld
Daughter of Withheld and Theresa Mae Cobb

Henry is called Hank. He should be the III rather than Jr. Both his father and his great-grandfather had the same name. Hank is a graduate of Crestville High School. He is a warehouse manager for Heilig Myers Furniture (April 18, 1999 Daily News, Northwest Florida).

Nothing is currently known about Yazsha other than she graduated from Choctawhatchee High School.

Hand and Yazsha's childeren are:
1. Krystal ( ) and
2. Madison Eva Mae (2-Jul-2001) (July 2, 2001, Daily News, Northwest Florida).

Information about the members of this family would be appreciated. Most of the information on this page came from three articles published in the Daily New, Northwest Florida, which was placed on the internet.

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