Henry Martin Winesett

Born 15-Aug-1861 and Died 3-Feb-1925
Son of Lemuel Winesett and Amelia Lenard

Married 21-Jun-1895 to Rhoda Ellen Winesett
Born 21-Jul-1869 and died 23-Feb-1948
Parents are Garrett Winesett and Ailsey C. Farmer

There is some confusion about Henry's middle name. His birth entry gives "M" as his middle initial. His various deeds used "M" as his middle initial but some of his grandchildren say his middle name was "Thornton" and others have it as Morton. Since several grandchildren are named "Henry Martin", the Webmaster believes that is the correct middle name. Perhaps they misheard "Morton" as "Thornton". Does anyone have some document with his full name?

Little is known about Henry and Rhoda at this time. They were first cousins once removed.

Rhoda was a story teller. She entertained children (hers and others) with tales about living in Amsterdam and meeting Henry, who was from Irland, on the ship to America. She talked of time spent at Ellis Island. The Webmaster found no record of either Rhoda or Henry although Ellis Island records include American visitors to Europe returning to America.

Another story was about Noah Winesett who was a doctor in Irland. He had to leave his children behind when he came to America. Again the story is pure fiction.

The Webmaster does not believe that Rhoda intended to deceive the children because she recorded the correct information about her and Henry's births in Woodlawn [Carroll County] VA, in the family bible. However, many of those who heard her stories at her knee took them as actual events and still believe them on faith dispite what Rhoda recorded in her bible. I have no knowledge whether Henry or Rhoda ever visited Europe. The family bible is kept by Rhoda's granddaughter Oda May Ramsey.

Descendants say that Henry attended college in Virginia and later went to Detroit, Michigan to work for Henry Ford. He is believed to have died in a Ford plant accident in 1925. I would like very much to seperate fact from legend. I would appreciate any help I can get. Especially newspaper articles and other documentation.

There is some question whether Rhoda's middle name was Elizabeth, Ellen or perhaps a combination thereof.

Both Henry and Rhoda are buried in Red Oak Cemetery, Ceres, Bland County, VA.

Henry and Rhoda's children are:
1. Dorothy Ann (22-May-1896),

2. Lillie May (31-Oct-1898),

3. Arthur Blain (14-Mar-1902 to 1-Jan-1969),

4. Hattie Catherine (18-Aug-1904 and

5. Lemuel Garrett (18-Aug-1907).

Any additional information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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