Hannah Coltrain Winesett

Born 25-Sep-1858 and died 30-Dec-1928
Daughter of Johnson Winesett and Phebe Farmer

Married 22-Oct-1874 Henry "Bud" Coulson Withheld
Born 15-Apr-1855 and died 20-Jun-1930

Very little is known about Hannah who is sometimes referred to Catherine. There is dispute whether her middle name was Coltrain or Catherine. the Webmaster suspects that she didn't like the former and used the alternate. Anyone with actual knowledge or documentation - please contact the Webmaster. They are buried in Williams Cemetery in Woodlawn, VA.

Bud and Hannah's children are:
1. Stewart [Stuart] Mack (1876),
2. Cordelia [Ordelia] Adelina "Lina" (6-Feb-1878 to 10-Dec-1961),
3. Houghston [Huston] Fred (Feb-1880),
4. Ella Manda (1881),
5. Alexander (1883), B
6. Berton (1885),
7. Calla Mae (1887),
8. Roscoe (1890),
9. Posa Lester (1892),
10. Infant born and died 1896,
11. Grace Alma (1887)
12. Clayton Gray (1899) and
13. Gleaves (1902).
I am told that they raised 14 children in all in a four room house which is now used by a great-grandchild for the storage of hay.

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