Frank Pierce Winesett

Born 20-Mar-1905
Died 19-Mar-2007 in Houston, TX
Social Security 533-05-4590 (Washington)
Son of Alexander Lemuel Winesett and Mattie Lew Felts

Married 1927 and Divorced 1931 Lila Mary Noseda
Born 19-Jan-1910 and Died 25-Jul-1997
Social Security: 539-24-4424
Daughter of Julius O. Noseda and Ethel Pearl Slyvester

Married 1931 and Divorced 194? Lois Buckley Withheld
Born 15-Mar-1904 and it is not known whether she is alive or not
Daughter of Leroy Franklin Roley and Viola Belle Gibbons

Married 24-Jub-1946 Mildred F. Rodd and Divorced unknown date
Nothing is known at this time about this third wife

Married 20-Dec-1947 Kathryn Atkins
Born 4-Sep-1917 and died 28-May-1999 in San Adreas, CA
Social Security: 453-12-3901 (Texas)

Frank was born in VA but stayed out west with sisters, Nancy "Nannie" and Ela, when the family returned to Virginia from New Mexico. It didn't work out so he went to Oklahoma and stayed with Aunt Celia Crawford and then sister Myrtle in El Paso. He joined the army at age 17 and was stationed at Fort Bliss, TX, with the Air Corps. After he was discharged Frank rode the rails across the country a couple of times and worked in saw mills in Washington state. Frank later had a business near Oakland, CA, making plastic bags.

Frank invented a means of removing bags from connecting plural rows filling bags. Patent appl. No. 707,389 1-Mar-1985 and Patent No. 4,630,310 16-Dec-1986. On the application he gave his first name as Franklyn rather than Frank. The webmasher had never heard that name for him before.

Lila was born in Canada and is of Belgium and possibly Japanese descent. Frank was Lila's first husband. She had a son, Julius "Jack" Bechly from her second marriage to Harold Bechly who died. After Harold's death, Lila's third marriage was to R. Thornsbury. Lila was a cook for Wallace Elementary School in Kelso, WA, for 20 years after divorcing R. Thornsbury.

Frank and Lila's children are:
1. Donald Pierce (28-Feb-1928 to 13-Apr-1989) and
2. Loree (17-Mar-1930 to present).

Frank and Lois' only child is Joyce (13-Sep-1935 to present).

There are no children of Frank's subsequent marriages. Kathryn daughter by a prior marriage, Glenda Kathhryn, took the Winesett name. She graduted from Lipscomb High School in TN. She is now Dr. Glenda Lippmann with a practice in clinical psychology.

Frank was active in his church and drove into his ninties. Kathyrn died only two months after going into a nursing home. Frank had personally cared for Kathyrn for several years after Kathyrn had suffered a stroke. At age 94, Frank was no longer able to continue personally caring for Kathyrn at home and placed her in a nursing home where he visited often. Frank and Kathyrn were married to each other for more than 50 years at the time of her death. They had enjoyed each other's love and company.


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