Floyd Vachel Winesett

Born 10-May-1898
Died 3-May-1976 in Dead Wood, Lawrence County, SD
Social Security: 224-01-4900 (Virginia)
Son of Samuel Floyd Winesett and Pemelia Edwards

Married to Gladys America King/Spraker
Born 20-Apr-1902
Died 20-Feb-1988 Austinville, VA
Social Security: 220-26-6331 (Maryland)

Little is currently known about Floyd and Gladys. Floyd lived in SD and took care of a cemetery in his later years.

Kristina Clark informs me that her mother and grandmother both said that Gladys' maiden name was King. Spraker was her step-father's surname. Gladys was a school teacher. She is buried at the Bethany UMC Cemetery in Poplar Camp, VA (There is no grave marker at this time.)

Floyd and Gladys' children are:
1. Boyd (deceased)died of spinal menengitis, age 4, and is interred in Bunts/Winesett Cemetery in Austinville, VA;
2. Junior (deceased),died of spinal menengitis, age 1, and is buried in Bunts/Winesett Cemetery in Austinville, VA, his name is "Junior" not "Floyd V. Jr.";
3. Freida (11-Jan-1922 to 1-Jan-1991) married Floyd Smithers, their only child was Floyd Jr. "Skip" who married Connie,
4. Mildred,nicknamed "Bill" married a Toler and lives in Richmond VA;
5. Joyce Juanita (13-Aug-1929 to 15-Aug-2005) married 22-Jul-1949 William "Bill" Nagel (10-May-1921 to 17-Oct-2000);
6. Mary Ruth (deceased) married Rosario Licitra,
7. Marie, nicknamed "Rhee", married John Licitra (deceased, their three children are Patricia Lee, Tom and Charles (deceased), she lives in Syracuse NY, and
8. Larous Duane "Tom" (9-Feb-1941 to 26-Oct-1986).

It is rumored that there was a set of twins who did not survive infantcy.

Information regarding members of this family to include their respective dates of birth and death, the names of spouses and children, and other pertinent information will be appreciated.

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