Eli Winesett, Jr.

Born 8-May-1904 and died in 3-Jan-1964
Son of Eli Winesett and Della May Steele

Married 24-Dec-1931 Leona Cotton
Born 19-Sep-1910

Married about 1936 Venetta Pearl (withheld)
Born 24-Aug-1908 and died 3-Mar-2000
Daughter of Leo Solomon Withheld and Ella Frances Withheld

Married unknown date Ollie Hill
Born 21-Jan-1900 and died 19-Mar-1988
Social Security: 243-32-5859 (North Carolina)
Daugher of Kenny Flurnoy Hill and Johanna Clementine Bowman

Married unknown date Venetta Pearl (withheld)
Daughter of Leo Solomon Withheld and Ella Frances Withheld

Married unknown date Mercy Wing

I am somewhat confused as the 1930 Federal Census lists Eli Jr. and Leona in Columbus County, NC, as husband and wife. I presume their marriage date above is correct.

Eli was a farmer in Cowell, SC, and worked at the shipyard at Port Orford, OR. He later worked for Western States Plywood Company in Port Orford. Eli is believed to have been born in or near Atlanta, GA and he died in Port Orford, Curry County, OR (Death Certificate # 195). He has a reputation as a smooth talker.

Eli moved around a lot. Never fully finding satisfaction at one place. Pedro said he had a good attitude and wouldn't let adversity affect him - not even the lung cancer which finally killed him. He had been a heavy smoker his entire life.

Eli and Leona's only known child was Richard Cotton (23-Mar-1928 to 8-Dec-1968 [cancer]). Leona was only 17 years old when Richard was born. After divorcing Eli, Leona married 24-Dec-1931 J.P. Quifterly. She evidently purchased a gravestone beside her son's grave outside Whiteville, NC.

Venetta is believed to be a half-sister or a niece of Mae Hinson, wife of Dan Winesett. Venetta was a school teacher who taught in SC and in Oregon. Eli and his lived in Portland, Oregon, during most of World War II. They moved back to Coward, SC, where Eli farmed and Venetta taught in the local school. Eli, Venetta and daughter, Frances Ann, later moved to Port Oregon. Eli worked in the plywood business while Venetta and Frances Ann taught school. Eli died in Port Orford but was buried in Singletary Cemetery in Coward, SC. Venetta later married a Dykes.

Eli and Venetta's children are:
1. Leo Singletary "Pedro" (24-Dec-1936) and
2. Frances Ann (9-Dec-1937). Frances Ann married Terry Longacre. She taught school in Port Orford, OR, and in Florida.

The order of marriages may be wrong. According to a grandniece of Ollie Hill. Her grandmother said Ollie and Eli met at a boarding house in Winston Salem. They married sometime after 1930 and before 1943. They bought Uncle Bob's [Lemuel Robert Winesett] store and a mobile home with her savings. The mobile home was situated beside the store. Later, Eli supposedly sold everything and went to NC to look for a new home. Ollie later learned he was in Oregon with Venetta and that there were children. She stopped eating, suffered a nervous breakdown and stayed for a while in a state hospital in Morgantown. She later lived with her brother and his wife.

Nothing is known about Mercy Wing. An article about the Wing family listed her as married to Eli Winesett. This has never been verified.

Any additional information about this family and its members would be appreciated.

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