Edward Martin Foster Winesett

Born 7-Sep-1912
Died 3-Mar-1984 in Galax, VA
Social Security: withheld (West Virginia)
Son of Samuel Floyd Winesett and Permelia Edwards

Married 25-Feb-1934 Berna Withheld

Thanksgiving 2003

Hillsville,Carroll County Marriage License
Born 1-Sep-1916 and Died 6-Nov-2011
Daughter of E. Early Withheld and Amanda Landreth

Edd and Berna both grew up in Monorat. Edd lived in Gillian, WV for about 5 years where he worked in the coal mines. The family moved back to the Monarat community of Carrol County in 1934. County. Edd worked for the New Jersey Zinc Co. in the Austinville mines. Edd retired to the family farm in 1973 and also worked his sideline as a barber. Edd passed away one week after his and Berna's 50th wedding anniversary. He was diabetic and had heart disease.

Edd and Berna are both interred in Pickett's Cemetery.

Edd and Berna's children are:
1. Elizabeth Marie (7-Nov-1935) to 12-Jul-2009) who married Delmar K. Rakes and later Jack (Withheld),
2. Edward Gerald (6-Sep-1942) who married Naomi,
3. Eldon Ray (17-Feb-1944) who married Linda,
4. Jane Ellen (13-Jun-1949) who married Johnny Jones,
5. Rueben Neal (3-Sep-1951) who married Norma,
6. Marcia Lynne (18-Oct-1955) who married Robert Wilmoth, and
7. Boyd Randolph (12-Jul-1957) who still lives on the family homeplace and works as a machinist. He attended Dublin Community College.

Edd's family (1997 Reunion)

Berna's 80th Birthday with Children. Left to Right:
Gerald, Marcia, Eldon, Berna, Neal, Jane, Boyd and Liz

Sunset and Edd & Berna's Homestead

Any information about the members of this family, their children and spouses will be appreciated.

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