Daniel Stamey

Born about 1770 and Died about 1855
Parents are currently unknown

Married Unknown Date to Margaret Hudson
Born about 1778 and Died about 1863
Parents are currently unknown

Family history states that Daniel, John and Peter Stamey are brothers who came from Pennsylvania. John served in the 2nd Regiment, Lincoln County, War of 1812. The 1810 Lincoln County NC Census shows separate households for the three. Both Daniel and John were still there for the 1820 and 1830 censuses. The 1830 census shows separate households for John Stamey and Capt. John Stamey. Enoch L. Stamey wrote a family history.

Nothing is known about Margaret.

Daniel and Margaret's children are:
1. Alexander (B15-Nov-1822 and D29-Aug-1893),
2. John (unknown), Peter (unknown but died in infancy),
3. Daniel Jr. (unknown),
4. William (unknown but married Miss Stillwell and moved to Missouri),
5. Elias (unknown but moved to KY and then to IL and married Nancy Susey and had 4 sons: Matthew Eldridge, Daniel Wallace, James Wesley and John Calvin. A Grandson, F.L. Stamey lived in Los Angles, CA),
6. Enoch (unknown but died in Newport, TN),
7. Kate (unknown),
8. Sallie (unknown),
9. Margaret (unknown) and
10. Christina (unknown).

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