Dan Winesett Jr.

Born 23-Nov-1928 and died 4-Mar-1992
Social Security: 247-48-0774 (South Carolina)
Son of Dan Winesett and Rebecca Mae Withheld

Married 22-Jun-1950 Barbara Faye Withheld
Daughter of Joseph Kemper Withheld and Unknown Benfield

Dan Jr. and Faye both graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1950. Concerned about being drafted into the Army, Dan volunteered for the Navy and attended officer's candidate school at Annapolis, MD. Dan served four years (1951-1955) on active duty.

Following his Navy service, Dan went to work for AT&T. He worked for several of Baby Bell telephone companies until retiring from AT&T in 1985. Finding retirement too boring, Danjoined Bell South Services and worked another six years until going on disability because of cancer. Dan died in Fulton County, Georgia [certificate 900467].

Faye keeps busy with her five grandchildren and their activities. Three have graduated from Western Kentucky.

Dan and Faye's children are:
1. Debra Faye (18-Nov-1952) born in New Port, RI, who married Robert M., and
2. Cynthia Anne Winesett (5-Oct-1954) born in Dillon, SC.
Cynthia married 5-Jun-1976 and divorced in 2000 Gary W. Withheld. They had two daughters, Amy Lynne (about 1981) and Milissa Anne (9-May-1983) born in Franklin, TN.

Any information about this family would be appreciated.

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