Basel Marvin Winesett

Born 31-Oct-1913 and died 1962
Son of Alexander Lemuel Winesett and Mattie Lew Felts

Married Alice Marie Withheld
Born 27-Dec-1918 to 27-Jun-2002
Daughter of Bruce Withheld and Mattie Nancy Withheld

He was called Marvin. He was born in Alamogorda, NM, and died in Denver, CO. Nothing else is known about him at this time.

Alice was born in Grayson County. After Marvin, she married Claude Withheld and had three more daughers, Norma, Claudette and Sharon who are all married. She spent several years in a nursing home. Alice, 83, of Fries, died Thursday, June 27, 2002, at Twin County Regional Hospital in Galax. Alice was survived by her children, and sister, Geneva Staples, and brothers, Jack and Joe, both of Hillsville 12 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. She is buried in the Mount Vale Cemetery.

Marvin and Alices's childen are:
1. Marvin Alexander (2-Mar-1933) and
2. Mattie Sue who married a Coleman.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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