Archie Monroe Winesett

Born 9-Apr-1939 and Died 2-Jul-2009
Son of Lemuel Garrett Winesett and Alberta Chloe Withheld

Married 4-Nov-1961 to Margaret Elizabeth Withheld
Born 14-Apr-1942
Daughter of Mark Hamilton Withheld and Hannah P. Withheld

Archie was born in Marion, VA, and Elizabeth in our Nation's capital. Archie worked for Giant Foods and Margaret is an office clerk. Archie died after a lenghtly illness.

Archie and Margaret's children are:
1. Archie Monroe Jr. (26-Aug-1962),

2. Mark G. (30-Mar-1965 to 17-Jun-1990),

3. Gary Hamilton (20-Apr-1967), and

4. Bruce Patrick Winesett (15-Jan-1971).

Bruce and Gary are avid golf players. Bruce played for his high school team, the Chargers. Bruce and Gary took third place team honors in the 2000 Bank Classic Tournament at Carper's Valley Golf Club in Winchester, VA.

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